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    I have a 1947 Chrysler Windsor that suddenly will not idle. Runs great at speeds above idle. Come to a stop sign and dies. Starts up with no problem as long as enoug trottle is applied. I have taken the carb apart and cleaned and blew out all orfficies. I am assuming that I have a idle jet problem but do not know how to indentify it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Larry
  2. lmadsen


    My 1947 Chrysler will not idle. Runs great at high speed. Assuming it has something to do with idle jet. If so can this problem be solved without taking the carb completely apart? Thanks
  3. Thank you very much for the information. I found that the wire was disconnected at the carburetor. Reconnected and every thing works great. Thank you again. Larry
  4. It only does it in high range and that would be 3rd and 4th. If it is the governor can you explain where and it is and what I can possibly do to fix the issue. Thank you Larry
  5. I have a 1947 chrysler that has the fluid drive transmission. Lately after the transmission shifts to third gear and it won't stay it shifts back down to second. Is there an adjustment or something that needs to be cleaned that would resolve this problem. The car is not driveable under these circumstances. Thanks Larry
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    It is full of gas and I can determine that it has two places where the gas is leaking back out. Would appreciate instructions on how to repair. Thanks Larry
  7. lmadsen


    I am in need of a carburetor float for my 1947 Chrysler Windsor. Unfortunately the ID no. tag is missing from the carb. But attached are three pics of the float. Hope someone can help me find one.