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  1. To Msmaron. Ive found Bobs Automobilia out of California to have a very comprehensive selection for my '37. I placed an order yesterday, and Bill helped me out over the phone. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!
  2. Holy Cow! Lol Thank you so much for helping us all out with this! :-)
  3. Thank you so much! Is is there a book or some other resource for all of this?
  4. I have been looking online and have yet to find a comprehensive guide to understanding the various numbers on my 1937 Buick Century. Ive been able to find some based on information in other peoples posts on various forums, but where the information is coming from... that I have not been able to find. Can anyone advise? Here is what I have found thus far: from the original owner identification card: Model 37-61 Sedan delivered March 8, 1937 Highland, Illiniois frame number: 3089078 (Same I found on the bottom frame) From other posts and my shop manual I see that there were 2,999,4
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Elise, and I just purchased a 1937 Buick Century. I live in Las Vegas. My fiancé has a Cobra kit car and I bought this so that I would have my own car to take to the cruises and car and coffee outings. The car seems to be in amazing shape. I do not plan a complete restoration as I really appreciate the condition she is in now.
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