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  1. To Msmaron. Ive found Bobs Automobilia out of California to have a very comprehensive selection for my '37. I placed an order yesterday, and Bill helped me out over the phone. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!
  2. Holy Cow! Lol Thank you so much for helping us all out with this! :-)
  3. Update on tracing her ownership history ! My oh my, thanks to the internet I have already started tracking down previous owner information, and even spoke to a gent involved with the car some 20 years ago! He states that at that time she had just had a new interior fitted, was running well and was in need of a paint job. He commented that she had been completely stripped down in preparation for this... When he and his partner had a falling out and have not spoken since! (Sad as they are related!). He did give me that gentleman's name and city, and I have found his address and will be sendi
  4. Thank you all so much! This forum has indeed proved to be most helpful! I checked yesterday and indeed someone has bypassed the original fuel pump (it is there, and they took the new line right up next to it so that it appears at first to be connected). Funny you should say that about the TV producer lol. I actually had someone talk to me about doing a travel adventure show a few years back! Lol. Too bad they never got it off the ground. I think it would have been great fun! Have to have lots of lol in life... To short to enjoy! Yes, Toby and I do enjoy our cars! I'm a lucky lady to ha
  5. Thank you so much! Is is there a book or some other resource for all of this?
  6. I have been looking online and have yet to find a comprehensive guide to understanding the various numbers on my 1937 Buick Century. Ive been able to find some based on information in other peoples posts on various forums, but where the information is coming from... that I have not been able to find. Can anyone advise? Here is what I have found thus far: from the original owner identification card: Model 37-61 Sedan delivered March 8, 1937 Highland, Illiniois frame number: 3089078 (Same I found on the bottom frame) From other posts and my shop manual I see that there were 2,999,4
  7. I have finally managed (after several hours) to transfer the photos I've taken from my Ipad to various albums here. Please forgive me if I may have one or two in the wrong folders! lol Question of the day... why would someone have bypassed the original and added an electronic fuel pump. (I think that is what this is... It is on the passenger side undercarriage, not far from the battery, but along the outer frame) Is this something I should consider trying to bring back to original? (Were there issues with the originals, or (someone suggested to me) could this have been a less expensive f
  8. I cannot even imagine what price he would want for this!
  9. Awesome you are able to keep her in the family! :-)
  10. And the answer is... Still 6v! (She has a 6v battery anyway) lol
  11. Carbking / Jon, Thank you so much for this information! Im printing it out as I type :-) (yes, I too remember when a 6/10 was not a passing grade (Have you seen these new "report cards? Crazy!) ... and yes, I still prefer hard paper to refer back to! lol) I do have to give credit where credit is due... Someone (or ones) along the way loved this car. Either that or she is miraculously well preserved for her age. She may have been sitting for a while, but all in all she really is "clean". Todays project... about to get on Google and see if I can track down any of the previous owners I
  12. Well, I actually found my girl at a backwater small used car dealer here in Nevada. Apparently they had a sports car that someone's wife just had to have, and she made the hubby give up one of his collection in order to get it. The story I got is that the gentleman had her and a few other cars sitting out in his barn/garage there. (I'm working on getting his name so I can try and reach him to ask more questions) Awhen she she spit up all over the other day, I had just pulled into Findlay Customs here in Vegas to talk to them about Cobra kit car they are working on for my fiancé. We let her
  13. Thank you so much Eric! I actually found the same site (Kanter) last night (or rather this morning, as I stayed up till 5am browsing for parts lol). I have the shop manual that came with my girl, as well as the owners manual. I was trying to figure out how to use it without damaging it, so the larger one you showed on ebay is MUCH better IMO for practical use. I will snap that right up! Thank you for the suggestions!
  14. Hello All! Elise here. I have a very basic working knowledge of cars, picked up from friends along the way, but I am diving right in with my lovely lady. We had a wonderful ride last Saturday, and then again a couple of days ago... but that is when she revealed to me that she needed some assistance. Water everywhere upon stopping, and then after starting once, refused and sent fuel running from the carb. (I do suspect that the gent who put the water in the radiator for me may have simply flooded her, but I have been advised I should rebuild the carb). She did finally start again after a
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