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  1. Wait a minute is this piece cast iron or aluminum? First have it bead blasted. If cast iron braze all holes and fill deep pits. The surface the face. If aluminum have all holes welded by a qualified welder. Deep pits can be filled will all-metal or JBweld,,,yes it will last! And once again have the face surface. Also, if its aluminum paint it with Eastwood's Aluma blast and then clear coat with gloss polyurethane.
  2. I would like to know who may be currently maintaining a registry of Simplex automobiles? I am particularly interested in the Crane model 5's. Thanks, Glenn Wood
  3. Your 268 cu. in.engine was manufactured for Stutz by Wiedley. Its parts are interchangeable with an Auburn Beauty Six.
  4. I have approx 150 various clamps. I have them all sorted and wired together. To be sure, I will need exact dimensions including the bore diameter some of these have only subtle differences.
  5. I recently purchased a 1916 Crane Simplex automobile Serial #2084 the original body was Brewster #1403 purchased by Mrs. William Thaw Jr. This vehicle was re-bodied by the Derham body company in 1927. I am looking for a number of parts to repair and preserve this vehicle. This is an historic automobile which is very well preserved. I am hoping to find: one or more original headlights and forks, a Crane Simplex Newcomb carburetor, a 4-cylinder Kellogg air compressor with gear and lever, a cast aluminum wind-up firewall mounted trouble light, an original tail light, an original knob for the upper cowl ventilator, two rear friction type shock absorbers, an original or copy of "Instructions for the care and operation Simplex Motor Cars" and a data plate that is fastened on the firewall.
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