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  1. Thanks for sharing, Dandy Dave...always nice to be able to go to a car show, vicariously!
  2. THANK YOU for posting these...Helping relive the fantastic Hershey 2021..
  3. Don't know why, but always kind of fun to see the house the car(s) would have been parked at when new..Here's 965 Lagonda Ave, per the purchase order
  4. ‘56 Pontiac Star Chief Jr. dealer promotional 1/3 scale electric car-similar to the TBird Jr., but much rarer. No telling what you can stumble onto in the Hershey field.
  5. An annual visitor to the swap meet. You haven’t made the entire trek through the flea market unless you’ve spotted him. Nice guy with a good sense of humor.
  6. Pretty sure I don't have any pictures , but I remember them very clearly-the seats were off-white in color, leather with fairly full brocade inserts. Original, and in great shape. You could tell it was an expensive car for it's time. No power windows, however..
  7. In the 70's, Dad had an identical year and color '55 in West Palm Beach, but it was a Nash Ambassador Custom with the Packard V-8 and factory a/c.Was so unusual. Actually would love to own it today.
  8. Thanks for sharing this great snapshot-in-time, Walt
  9. Thank you for posting these pics- always nice to see cars from a different area that you haven't seen..
  10. The El Morocco was around $3100 vs. approx $4700 for the base series 62 1957 Cadillac. The 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham was priced at a stratospheric (for the time) $13,074 and,as the 4 door El Morocco was based on that car, at $3100ish it could be considered a "bargain Brougham"- but still a Chevrolet. It was apparently one of those ideas that sounded better on paper than it did in reality.
  11. The only fiberglass modifications to the '57 (and '56) Chevrolet that I've aware of was the custom El Morocco that was produced in limited numbers, and was a modified non-factory custom..
  12. I've seen more than a few Canadian cars priced reasonably- is it expensive to bring a car like this Imperial into the U.S.??
  13. Will do...the period photo I posted was of my car's twin (other than color), a Letourneur et Marchand bodied '34 D6-11S with that was in the Roger Baillon "collection" auctioned a few years back by Artcurial...quite a 'collection" , it included the long-lost '61 SWB California Spyder than once belonged to Alain Delon.. here's the Artcurial link..https://www.artcurial.com/en/lot-delage-d6-11-s-coach-ca-1934-no-reserve-2651-38
  14. Remember, just because you have set a valuation of $15,000 on the car for insurance purpose doesn't mean that's the true "value" of the car. The 75% calculation should apply to the actual value of the car, not the agreed value you established with your insurance carrier. Just because you still have your DB4 insured for the $75,000 you paid for it 15 years ago, and never increased the valuation for coverage, doesn't mean your Aston Martin is worth $75,000. Just imagine how profitable the salvage sale on that DB4 would be for the insurance carrier. I'd research value guides, such as NADA Classic, or perhaps Hagerty's own value guides ( not sure if Hagerty goes pre-war) and hopefully the values are higher than the $15K you used for your agreed value, and you won't end up losing your car or ending up with a salvage title if you do keep it.
  15. Sold for $179,200 with vig...certainly looks like a car that could tell a story or two...
  16. Dale, any ideas on how old they actually are? I'm not sure of their values, but if you find that's the value of the signs (and please take time to research their values) I'd like to buy them from you.
  17. One of the multitude of reasons to belong to AACA is access to the vast archives of the AACA Library and Research Center. I contacted the library with the questions I had originally posted in this thread, and received the following information that I would like to share for those who might have interest. A very special thanks to Tanis Pellegrini of the AACA Library and Research Center, as well as to the library itself. The Delage D6-11S model was produced from 1932 to 1934. The engine was a 2000 cc inline 6 cylinder. The Delage D6-11 was available in two wheelbase lengths, a 120.5 inch wheelbase as well as a 128.5 wheelbase. Only a small number of the higher performance D6-11S variants were built , and they rode on a specially engineered, lowered chassis based upon the shorter 120.5 inch wheelbase. The "S" in the model's name was an abbreviation for Surbaisse, the French word for "lowered". The cars came with twin spares mounted on the rear, in place of the usual single spare. Delage provided the bare chassis, and the bodies were usually fitted by various Parisian coachbuilders such as Letourneur et Marchand, Chapron, Franay, or Labourdette.
  18. Thank you...Had not seen that before for some reason
  19. I'm right with you on the 600, Craig..But, as I understand, they are quite an all-consuming automobile!
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