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  1. I acquired this sign about 15 years ago that came out of James Melton's Autorama, which was in in nearby Hypoluxo, Florida. On the sign is painted the names of over 2500 different American cars that had been manufactured up to that date, some having built only one or a handful of cars. As I understand, James Melton commissioned this around 1950. He had someone (or a team of someones!) research every automobile manufactured up to that date.. The sign was done at a cost of approximately $3000, quite an expensive proposition for the time-roughly the cost of a new Cadillac. When the museum cl
  2. Looks just about right from this angle....
  3. Had a 1961 Fiat Jolly 500 ( 2 cylinder, air-cooled) in the early 2000's that was similar to the first car pictured. A client repeatedly inquired about selling it,and after several years, I finally relented and sold the car to him. I regretted selling it pretty much right away, and decided that I HAD to replace it. As I started my search for a replacement, the prices of Jollys spiked to record highs. After a two-year search, I was lucky enough to find an all-original 1961 Fiat Jolly 600 (4 cylinder, water-cooled) that had been stashed away in a garage for about 20 years (the second car pic
  4. This sums up where I'm at in West Palm Beach
  5. a repellent that's cheap and cheerful..
  6. Have to agree with the last paragraph as a possibility-we're seeing the effects of the Fed's Quantitative Easing (for Covid) manifest in some interesting ways, particularly in real estate and the stock market- with inflation a likely byproduct..
  7. An Honorable Mention to one of my favorites, 1964's Good Neighbor Sam, starring Jack Lemmon and Romy Schneider. Jack Lemmon really puts the '64 Thunderbird convertible through its paces through the streets of San Francisco, trying to cover over billboards before daybreak..
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9403167/Fords-100-foot-long-wonder-truck-Big-Red-tracked-40-years.html
  9. The 454 became available on the El Camino in 1970. There was even an LS6 454 available as an option,with 450 hp. I can only imagine the thirst that engine must have had!
  10. Thanks, Glenn- I was always infatuated with this 'particular 68 SS, and I am grateful Rocky was as well, and that he preserved it in its original state. It's a very special car. You're right-it does seem that many El Caminos seem to have new, larger "crate" motors, and are modified to differing degrees. These definitely won't be modified under my stewardship. It's too bad sheet metal wasn't available at the time to save your Dad's truck. But you will always have those memories of your Dad and his truck. Those are forever.
  11. My El Camino story starts in 1972,when I was a sophomore in High School. I had a job at a local wheel alignment shop,Weber Wheel Alignment (still in business today!) in West Palm Beach. Directly across the street from the shop was Independent Truck Equipment, a business that rebodied trucks to customer order. The owner of the shop,Rocky Derr, quite a character,drove a fully-optioned ‘68 El Camino SS 396, deep burgundy with black top and black interior that he'd bought new. Rocky had special ordered the El Camino to his specifications. It had bucket seats, console, power windows, tilt wheel, a/
  12. Gorgeous car!!......The Great Gatsby was filmed and enjoyed by so many in those pre-internet days of easily spotting or discovering automotive anachronisms- F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in 1925, and the novel actually takes place in 1922..
  13. Don't have a picture of the car, but the owner's name was Millard Newman, and he had quite an impressive collection of Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts..
  14. Congratulations!...1980 was the right year for that series..
  15. I'm in El Cid, so best to keep your new find a secret!..Seems when I buy another car, I think it might be a good idea to sell one-but seems I can never bring myself to actually sell a car- decided to keep the '34 Packard, along with the rest..
  16. While I've not met you, pretty sure I might have seen you and your car on the road today on Olive Ave-if so, you were moving right along!
  17. Good question!..GM's marketplace boldness ceased years ago, and one can only assume that GM now proudly acknowledges their diminutized status as an automobile manufacturer with their new logo.
  18. This is an example of what appears to be a fake sign currently on Ebay-red rust is usually a dead giveaway as well.....buyer beware..
  19. My "second Dad" was a car collector, owning around 30 or so cars. By age 13, I was helping him drive his collector cars to and from his storage facility, which was located about 5 miles from his shop. Enduring this for 3 years, his wife and daughter thought it best that I get my driver's license THE VERY MOMENT I became of legal age to get one. On my 16th birthday, to make sure I passed, his daughter took me for my driver's test in her easy-to-maneuver 1970 Datsun 510.
  20. Porcelain sign makers "back in the day" took a LOT of pride in their finished product. A good rule of thumb is to study the quality and font of the lettering of the sign you're looking at. Letters should be even in size and not sloppy in appearance. With the cost of signs today, you certainly need to be wary of fake signs, many of these come from India, and are sold on Ebay I have attached 2 pictures-the first is a reproduction Studebaker sign, the second is an original. Take some time, and study the letters on each sign, particularly the "R" in service. Look at the spacing and differing
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