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  1. Hey gang, I'm thinking I'm going to use JB Weld's "AutoWeld" Product on this. Any thoughts?
  2. oh wait... Looks like someone had the same issue the part seems like discontinued :-(
  3. Does anyone know what these pipes are called? One of mine recently sprang a tiny leak. More thoughts on replacement? Are these still available?
  4. hey folks, I've just lowered the price on my car to 1700 firm. I just redid the brake rotors and pads and the accumulator ball failed. Please come and take it.
  5. @imperial62 I just saw this message and I'm not sure I saw an email from ya. I've posted the ad again. See: UPDATE I've also just replaced the rear brakes pads and rotors. Now it seems the accumulator is bad. Thanks
  6. Year: 1990 Price: $1700 (Liquidation Price) Description: It's been a fun couple of years working and driving on this Reatta but I don't have the body repair skills to make it pretty. It's a decent daily driver now. See my Craigslist ad: Contact Info: PM Me or contact via Craiglist I would like to give my thanks to everyone who helped me during my foray into the world of Reattas Year: 1990 Convertible Mileage: +/- 101000 Considered Correct? No, not by the previous owner. The Location: San Francisco, CA VIN: 1G4EC33C0LB906612 Title: Salvage Any Accident History? Yes, head on front passenger. Asking Price: $ 3500 Willing to take trade No Exterior Color: White Interior Color: Slate Gray Paint Original? (Most of it) Paint Condition? (Fair) Belt & Bumper Molding Color: (Body Color) Body Dents: Yes, few dimples. Whoever did the body work after the accident didn't do a great job. I think it needs a hood. Body Rust: I don't see any. Windshield Chipped or Cracked? No Vent Glass Intact? ? Note sure what the vent glass is. . . Rubber surround molding for windshield condition? (Good) Out Side Mirrors Intact? (Y) Headlight Motors Function Correctly? (Y, but the light wobble a little during driving) Tail Light Lens: (Cloudy & Cracked) (Convertable only) Convertible Top Material: _Vinyl_ Convertible Top Color? _White_ Convertible Top Condition? _Good_ Please describe any flaws or problems with the convertible top: The top is very hard to close. The tonneau doesn't stay up. The frame seems to be bent and air water can enter at the back of the passenger window. Will include pic. Interior Original? Yes 16 Way Seats? Yes Works 80% Seat Condition? Good Drivers interior door panel condition? Good Passengers interior door panel condition? Good Center console top armrest condition? Good Door weather stripping condition? Good Headliner Condition? Good, velcro is tired though Carpet Condition? Fair, serviceable Original Floor Mats: Yes Floor Mat Condition: Fair Condition of Steering Wheel Leather: Excellent, NOS Functional Keyless Entry? No, deleted Problems with Electronic Dash items? No Power Windows Work Correctly? Yes, but passenger is a little slow. Power Seats Work Correctly? No, most positioning works. Power Door Locks Work Correctly? No, I think they don't lock when you go in to gear as designed. Power Antenna Work Correctly? No Original Sound System? Yes to head unit, new speakers Factory CD Player? (90-91 only) Yes Sound System Fully Functional? No If N what are the problems (i.e. tape player, CD, speakers, noise): CD player only powers up. NOS head unit included. Aftermarket Sound System Equipment? Yes If Y describe: new Kicker 4x10 speakers A/C Functional? No If N describe problem: unknown Has the A/C been converted from R12 to R134A? Unknown Does the suspension require any attention? Yes, drives fine but would like some fresh bushing and such. Tire Brand: Bridgestone Remaining Tread: 80% Are All Tires Matched? Yes Factory Wheels? Yes Factory Wheel Center Caps Condition: Fair, they have some weird oxidation on them. Missing Caps? No Any Brake Components Replaced? Y If Y describe the part(s) replaced and when? Front rotors and pads, < 6 months ago Last Time Brake System Was Flushed? unknown Original Engine? Yes Original Engine Rebuilt? No Does Engine require attention? Yes, needs EGR valve. When was last tune up? < 6 months Does the engine, cooling system, power steering, or brake system leak any fluids? No How often do you change the oil? every 3000 miles Original Transmission? Yes Original Transmission Rebuilt? No Does Transmission require attention? Yes, likely needs a new filter When was last Transmission Service? Unknown, I just flushed the fluid. Any Transmission Leaks? No Have CV joints been replaced? unknown I have (some) receipts for this vehicle's service history. In General, What items need attention? My Reatta Drives: Good I am the ___??___owner of this Reatta. I have owned this Reatta for _2_ Years and/or _____ Months.
  7. I've been thinking about putting the 17x7s from the Saturn VUE (wheel style number 7033) on to my Reatta. Based on my findings using the calculator at , I'd try them with 215/40 R17 tires. Besides the likely outcome of the ride becoming unpleasant due to the lack of sidewall, I think this combo could be a fun choice for someone since the Saturn wheels have a similar look to the stock 15x6s. If I were to ever fit this wheel and tire combo to my 90 convertible (I doubt I ever will) I would have custom hub caps machined to match the look of the stock wheel set. See the attached photos for a little more info about my ideas. I'm interested to hear what you all think.
  8. Hey gang, First off, I want to thank you all in advance for being such an awesome resource for helping keep my 90 convertible on the road. Also, I've learned so much about my new hobby, fixing up a rare piece of Detroit history. Now to my question: I'm replacing my battery today because the terminal screw is stripped (don't worry, I'm going to convince Costco to replace it free), but my car doesn't have the piece that holds the battery down to the tray nor the screw that keeps that piece in place. Can anyone help me figure out what other GM cars from the era use the same battery tray so I can go to my neighborhood junk yard and find what I need? Thanks, reattadan
  9. wow, what a job. Mind you I'm a novice but that job isn't a fun one. I've got the new heater core in and the cooling system seems good. Now I just have to get the darn thing to blow hot. Anyone have experience adjusting the programmer? Do I need to take the whole dash down again?!?!?
  10. Finished putting the whole dash, steering column, instrument panel, etc after replacing the heater core to try and make the heat work (the previous owner bypassed). It doesn't blow hot. I think I need to calibrate the programmer with the climate control. Heck I'm not sure if the dang thing has vacuum but whatever.
  11. I'd be happy to do it! At this rate, it might be a little while.
  12. Thanks Ronnie, Yeah, I saw that one. I should write one for the 90/91 after this… because it's totally different. This task seems WAAAAY easier on the pre 90 models.