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  1. Yes it is most likely the Canadian model, the body number is 374 and the trime code is p4y...if any of that helps lol
  2. The model number is A-D2-H-27, so wait, do I have to check if the front clip is an original?
  3. Thanks for the sound advice Rusty! I greatly appreciate it, I'll get back to you for sure.
  4. Alright! That's awesome,thanks so much for the feedback!
  5. Recently came upon the opportunity to restore an old dodge Monaco given to me by my grandpa. I am inexperienced when it comes to antique cars and all advice is warmly welcomed. Currently I am a student so the question is should I attempt a restoration or should I sell? Given the car has sentimental value and I really enjoy looking at it I am leaning towards restoring the beauty.
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