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  1. Nice shape. Hard to find. Look at pics. What you see is what you get. 400.00 plus shipping.
  2. I will have cars for sale as well. Let me know if I can interest you.
  3. I will be sorting through many metropolitan parts in the next few weeks. Seven cars and lots of used parts. Contact me with your needs. Thanks.
  4. Can you send me your phone number I'll give it to the car owner and have him make the transaction. Thank you.
  5. I'll measure them next time I'm in the shop. Thanks
  6. That's the piece I'm looking for. And the quarter spear. For super 4 dr. Thanks
  7. 49 super four door. Need rear door side trim and quarter side trim. They look to fit either side. Looking for nice restorable pieces. Thanks
  8. Factory carter carb tool set. In original metal box. 200$ plus shipping.
  9. They had a local machine shop set up for a run of parts using this tooling on their press.
  10. Yes. Flat stock. to the best of my knowledge One operation stamps the shape and another punches the holes.
  11. Tooling to manufacture correct exhaust clamps , group#3.708-3.704-3.617 part #1302878, for 1937-1956 Buick also used on 1939-1956 oldsmobile. This is the only tooling known by me to exist for manufacturing these concourse correct clamps. I purchased this tooling from a leading Buick restoration shop that supplied them to a Buick restoration parts supplier. I have too many irons in the fire to follow through with making these clamps so I'm offering the tooling up for sale. Please contact for details. Thank you
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