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  1. Well, we made it, the Buick didn't. No seatbelts... Hope to figure that out while I'm here. Timing things to coincide with the Forum Breakf....unch, so my wife Saralynn, Augie Doggie and I took a drive out Hwy 30 & 84 to see the gorge, had a picnic watching some hot dog kite surfers in Hood River. Went across the river over the Bridge of the Gods to swing by the event and check in. See y'all tomorrow.
  2. The time isn't as convenient, but I should be there. $20 is pretty steep for breakfast.
  3. So far, the big hits are the "Look ma, no hands" starting and the mirror instrument panel on my 60.
  4. This should be pinned to the top.
  5. I just got my first Buick 2 weeks ago. It's a great car and a lucky find. There isn't a wealth of parts around. Seems that the earlier cars are better supported plus 60 wasn't a banner year for Buick sales. But I've put on new tires and shocks, had the front end aligned, changed the oil an filter, air filter, lubed, checked and topped off needed fluids. I've put on about 300 miles so far and it just keeps getting better. I am going to take a loop through Yosemite today. Should be fun... You may also want to visit the "1960 Buick Universe" Facebook group.
  6. Yea, I'm thinking I'll have to yank the front seat out at this point. I've done the mounting before, but never dealt with a bench seat. If I do that, I'd like to convert it to 6 way.
  7. Reviving an old post that I found because I did not have a Hot light with the ignition on and engine not running. I got thinking about this. The only function that switch has is to prevent the hot light from turning on when the engine is running and you have low oil pressure. If you short out the contacts on the switch, the light will test with ignition on and engine stopped, as will the oil. With the engine running, if you loose oil pressure or the engine overheats, BOTH the Oil and Hot lights will come on. I can live with that in that at least I know the hot light wasn't burnt out when I started the engine. Your switch may be broken and you may not know it. Since it is a normally closed switch with no vacuum, your hot light will test with ignition on. But, you may have a bad diaphragm on the switch that is causing a vacuum leak and possibly misfire at idle. If you lost oil pressure, your hot light would also come on and the oil would also come on if the engine got hot. In my case, the switch contacts were dirty (as well as the diaphragm broken) and so it was open with no vacuum. I cleaned it out and cleaned the contacts so that I have reliable continuity thru the switch and ordered a new diaphragm from here http://www.heartbeatcitycamaro.com/store/product/12737/Camaro-AC-Vacuum-switch-rubber-cap-1967/ I ordered 2 since they are cheap, that way I am sure to NOT screw up the first one. I'll post back when I receive it and attempt to fix the switch to correct operation. Meanwhile, I have a jumper in the plug and the vacuum line plugged.
  8. So I called the BCA 60 Tech advisor. This had come up once before. Previous research determined the lower frame of the seat has holes to accommodate seat belts IF this was an option ordered new. Someone went out and examined old seats and found this to be the case. I be looking for cars with belts in Portland to verify this.
  9. I went out to the shop and poked around. All I found was a quarter.
  10. Thanks. maybe there are slits there and I just have to find them. Do you recall dimples in the pan at mounting locations? I haven't pulled the carpet back yet.
  11. Yep, checked fluid levels, did some lube, installed new shocks to go with the new tires and then took it for a spin of about 50 miles
  12. When I was discussing my car with the former owner, he kept refering to the car as "fat". I had to look it up... "cool, bomb".
  13. After all, even today, Buick and Opel are joined at the hip.
  14. I will be installing seatbelts in my 60 Invicta 4-door and have questions about routing the belts through the front bench seat to the floor. Thete doesn't seem to be any option to slitting the upholsyery material where it wraps under the seat. Any hints as how to do this so that movement of the belt doesn't tear the opening it passes thru? Belts were an available "engineered accessory" and apparently there were instructions with the kit. Anybody have a copy of those instructions?
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