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  1. my radio in my 91 stopped working, will that also stop the aerial from going up???? does anyone know where I can get one? part # P04704353. it's not the fuse
  2. took out my radio how do I check the see if it's getting electic. which is the hot wire????
  3. someone put a non stock chrysler radio in my 91TC part#P04704353 how can I look this up to tell what car it't from????
  4. is this a original 91 radio? part#P04704353 pic
  5. thanks I replaced all the hoses
  6. well something is taking over my radio...sometimes the aerial will go up but the radio will not go on, or the radio will go on without the aerial going up....or the radio and aerial will go on.....and its just static for 10sec and 2 beeps and I CAN'T TURN THE RADIO OFF????????
  7. my front outer grease boot is cracked......the mechanic says its better to change the rod and the boot.....is this right????
  8. thanks i'll get it in to be checked
  9. smells like gas when turned off.
  10. how do I remove radio in 91 TC
  11. how do I remove radio in 91 Chrysler tc
  12. where can I buy a top brake light
  13. where can I buy a upper brake light for my 91 Chrysler TC
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