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  1. When I bought my car in February of 2014, I was told the previous owner changed the freon out to 134 & the air blew cold. When we tried putting the can in you can buy @ the parts store, it killed the engine. Previous owner said the A/C would blow cold, over the winter the freon would leak out & a can of the over the counter stuff would fix it for the summer.
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy an idle control valve for my 1984 Buick Riviera? I have tried EBAY & every other site suggested on the internet. I cannot find anyone that lists this part, & those that do don't have the one I need pictured. Thanks for your help!! Lee-KANSAS
  3. I have a problem when I put freon in my 1984 Riviera, it had the 307 Olds engine. The car was converted over to 134 before I bought it. With my car warmed up & running smooth, when I put the freon in, the car dies. We tried it again, with a person behind the wheel & revving up the motor the air will blow cold. As soon as the accelerator is released, the car dies. Is this a simple fix? I have very little knowledge of carburetors. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks, LeeKANSAS
  4. I tried using a 134 AC recharge kit to put freon in the air conditioner on my 84 Riviera last year. With the car running, the car would die when the freon was put i the system. Otherwise, the car runs/idles very well. Is there a replaceable part on the carburetor? I have read about "idle control valves" on EBAY. Thanks for any help I receive!! Lee-KANSAS
  5. I believe it needs freon because it blows warm air in the A/C position. The guy I bought it from said it has a slight leak, & it will need charged every year. When the A/C is turned off, the car runs great. I averaged 15 MPG last year on a 240 mile trip on the highway. I have no idea as to what the pressure of the A/C system is when it is running, I was using one of those A/C charging cans from the local parts store. It has been over a year since we tried to charge it, I do seem to remember the term "it might be a bad relay" tossed around. Thanks for your help!! Lee
  6. Hello. I have a 1984 Buick Riviera with the 307 Oldsmobile engine. My air conditioner was converted to 134 freon before February 2014 when I bought the car. When I tried to add freon to it, my car died. So, I FLOORED it while my friend added freon. The A/C blew cold, but as soon as I let off the gas, the car died. Is this possibly a bad relay somewhere? If anybody has any ideas, please let me know. I know very little about air conditioners, so I would need pictures as well as advice. THANKS in advance for any help I may receive. Lee-Kansas
  7. No, we were just adding the freon from the can you buy @ the parts store. With the a/c on, it doesn't blow cold. I tried this last summer, but if I remember correctly I think the can had a pressure gauge on the can. Thanks for the suggestion. The car is in storage, I will try charging the a/c again this spring.
  8. Hello. I tried putting 134 freon in my Riviera. My car has been converted to 134. I have my car running @ warmed up idle speed. My car dies. So, I have a friend "rev-it-up" when adding the freon, it runs poorly & dies when the gas pedal is released. Am I missing a blown relay? Where would I even look to find the a/c relay? Thanks for any help!!!
  9. Hello. I have a '84 Riviera convertible & my a/c blows warm. I bought my car in February 2014 knowing the a/c had already been converted to R-134. I was also told @ that time the freon will leak out over the winter & a quick recharge each spring will last all summer. Well, I never turned it on till last week-apparently ALL of the freon was gone. I used one of those R-134 recharge cans-with my car running @ a warmed up idle, As soon as we turned the a/c on, the car stalled. I had to keep my foot on the accelerator to keep it running. From what we could tell, the compressor is not locked up. We could turn it by hand, but it did take some effort. During this process, the compressor would turn itself on for a few seconds, then off-repeatedly. I got cold air thru the vents when the compressor was running. So, here is my question. Am I missing a blown fuse? Is there even such a "magical fuse" that kicks my idle UP to compensate for the a/c being on? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks---Lee from KANSAS!!!!
  10. Too bad they took it down. I was trying to find information as I am currently trying to sell my "84.
  11. When I bought my '84 Riviera Convertible 2 years ago, I remember a website that told of how the cars were made. Including pictures, production numbers for the convertibles made between 1982 & 1985 & things like that. However, I have lost the link. Does anyone have this & could you please send it to me if you do? Thanks--Lee
  12. Thanks for the advice--I was able to determine the replacement part number & after I checked, they are available here in town (new). However, my handle is broken & will require replacement. It is attached with a rivet from the factory. With the way the door is made, I cannot see the spot where the handle will attach to the rods.
  13. Hello. I am needing the drivers side INDOOR door handle for my '84 Riviera. Does anyone have one or know where I could find one? I am located in Wichita, Kansas. So, to estimate your shipping charge you would use the 67203 zip code for mailing purposes. Thanks in advance, Lee
  14. Hello. I am needing to take the drivers side door panel off of my 1984 Riviera to work on my door handle. However, I am afraid of breaking clips. Can anyone send me a diagram of the door panel that will show the location of all of the fasteners? Thanks to everyone for all of your help. I do appreciate it. Lee
  15. Thank you for the advice!! I'm in Kansas & the heat index here is like 107 degrees!! So, I will tackle these projects in the fall. Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks again!!