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  1. Yes a venting cap will suffice with no ill effects. Robert
  2. Maybe us east coast guys could get a cactus for the miles traveled? Robert
  3. I will be up after noon on Thursday bringing my 62 SS car for the Sat show 36B. Stop by. Robert
  4. The photo shows the importance of a proper placed escape door. The beaver tail design floor and proper placement of the "D" rings is important. Robert oops the photos didn't attach! Got to work on that! http://s116.photobucket.com/user/thelilprofessor/media/IMG_3500.jpg.html?o=5
  5. I am seeing younger interest with my 61 and 62 348/409 cars with the younger group. Most of the comments are that their dad's either owned one back in the day or wanted one. But I hate to say I see a decline in the interest of this group in the 50' and more in pre 50's unless it is a modified rod. Sad Robert
  6. Is the Accel type A ATF the same as the old type A power steering fluid. My 61 Impala doesn't like the new thinner power steering fluids. Actually the iron cased HD power glide transmission doesn't like the new ATF fluids either. Fortunately the 62 is manual steering and 4 speed so isn't a "leaker" Robert
  7. John I understand you saw the car at Reading PA a couple or so years ago Robert
  8. Thanks for the suggestion Dave. I have looked at area storage and none have available parking for 24 foot trailers (28 foot overall). Seems this area is seeing an influx of new residents and storage and parking facilities are at a premium and generally full. Robert I like the Chevelle!
  9. I am thinking about bringing a car down to the south Florida AACA show Cars in the Garden October 26 as it is after Hershey. But.... Where can I park the trailer as Coral Gables won't allow parking in front of my daughter's house and I can't get it up in her yard. I probably will stay about a week with it and take it back up to Maryland. Robert
  10. Yes I have a screw mechanism and no issues as I lube it once a year. It seems quiet. Not sure about costs vs other systems. I do have a chain one also and have noticed sagging but still works great. Robert
  11. Another item needed is detailed photo of passenger A frame and adjacent area Robert
  12. Been watching this one. Need all stamped numbers on engine block pad. Need casting numbers on back of block on raised area where bell housing bolts on. The number needed favors drivers side of block and can be gotten with a mirror and good light. This will be tough due to the power brake booster but can be done. Also would like a few other photos. Exhaust manifolds as bolted to block. Check if iron cased power glide or is turbo glide. Photos of drivers fender well above A frame. Photo of firewall in area of tunnel but including top lip. Photo of heater box area and heater hoses. Photo of body tag attached drivers door. Interesting a one piece front bumper that might be straight. i believe the current engine is a 348 250 hp. Would love a photo of head casting number but must remove valve cover. I am assuming the intake is cast iron? Robert
  13. I have a 62 and 61 Impala SS cars and don't recall rubber coated adel clamps on either. Will look closely at the 62 before Hershey! But have seen those type of clamps at several places. robert
  14. I have even used cheap turkey aluminum cooking pans but they like to slide around the trailer sometimes. Robert
  15. Mike I don't recommend loading the light circuit for a battery charge. Virtually all 7 "blade" connections have an isolated fused battery charging wire in the number four position. On some tow vehicles that circuit needs to be hooked up usually to a connection on the firewall so don't always assume that the tow vehicle has power to the 4th blade. The same can be said for the trailer 7 wire harness that the power wire isn't hooked to the battery as must be a dealer hookup issue. In the unlikely event that you have a round pin 7 wire system I would convert it to blade unless all of your buddies are towing with class 8 tractors as that is the system they typically use. If using two house batteries I would recommend a properly sized diode separate them. i liked your suggestion on alarming my car trailer but here on the east coast there is a bit of enforcement sensitivity to armed guards! Robert
  16. This may have been discussed before but does anyone have recommendations or non recommendations for alarming an enclosed trailer equipped with big house batteries Robert
  17. It isn't surprising a youth driver didn't notice no tire after all that series Lexus uses an electronic stability system and quite frankly those systems appear to work well. But one question is those cars also use a tire sensing system(TPS) so what happened to the warning on that? My wife has one of those model Lexus and they are impressive drivers. Robert
  18. Properly sized and placed side doors are well worth the cost for us old folks
  19. When caulking items in boats we usually use a product called boat life. Messy as heck but does the job. Robert
  20. Are those ok in 36B class? Tomorrow is my last day at work am retired. Maybe I could be a muscle car judge as I worked on many of them back in the day and don't recall any 61-64 impalas with them. Wait I can't judge 36B! That is my two cars class! robert
  21. Ed I also have had some experiences like yours at one of the MD training scales. Aren't you over 26,000# GCW with that rig? If so I know what would have been asked or written up in MD but since you are truly interstate I am not certain as the MD facilities signs clearly say ALL vehicles over 10,000# must stop. I recently attended my first AACA event in Charlotte and towed my car down and no scale outside of MD was labeled by pounds but class. Enjoyed being there by the way and enjoyed my 36B class! Several very nice cars in that class and I will also attend Lebanon in June and am looking forward to being in 36B! yes, it is the revenue especially when you learn of some of the fines issued for the landscaper guys trailers.
  22. Restorer 32 Yes in many ways you have been lucky as obviously your rig is well over 10,000# combined and probably under 26,000#. But the key word is traveling through. You are on heavy interstate routes and generally the officers assigned at a scale rely on the highway patrol troops to pull someone passing a scale and I doubt they have available coverage on those routes. They frequently have a truck "road block" in MD but I have never heard them use any of the routes you mentioned. I would guess you would have been green lighted at any scale on those routes if you had pulled in as I ALWAYS have been green lighted on those routes.
  23. I am a new member to AACA but not new to towing. Maryland was the first state I am aware of to change laws to a gross combined weight rather than the classification (i.e. commercial trucks) Maryland set the bar at anything over 10,000 combined MUST stop at scales. That is where the problems I have had for many years come. I have had two car State Highway patrols run me down and escort me back to the scales. I have had all of the examples posted above happen plus some more unreal gems but the one thing that has never happened is asked to look into the trailer. I have met with head legislators, DOT administrators, accountant law persons and other contacts. The over 10,000# scale stop includes virtually all dual axle open and closed trailers including open landscaper trailers when you add the trailer GVW and tow vehicle GVW and is a big revenue maker for Maryland. Maryland does recognize that no commercial CDL items as required by FMVC are needed until that GC number exceeds 26,000 pounds then you are in the big leagues! Most of the problems I have had are at one scale location that is used as a training base. I have researched the Maryland commercial literature and have learned two interesting items. one is that the literature in Maryland has completely left out the section of 390.3 of federal that exempts MOST of us. I believe this was left out by purpose as I have made that aware for years. second Maryland along with many other states has adopted 390.3 in total as it is very difficult for a state to create their own commercial laws given that virtually all traffic is interstate rather than intrastate. My recommendation is make sure you have the federal 390.3 in your truck and highlighted the recreation use section. Also make sure you have your home state commercial hand book with you and highlight the section that indicates your state has adopted 390.3. I have also been advised to carry a tax filing that indicates you don't expense the car thus you are NOT benefiting from any inflation values. I have chosen not to do that for obvious reasons. I have obtained my federal commercial medical card as that seems to be the focal point of my stops even though it isn't required until over 26,000#. Some other points of interest. If you own a dually either one ton or 3/4 you could be very close to 26,000 with a trailer which is used by many states for the commercial required break. A one ton truck single rear is close with a larger steel frame trailer behind it. And a one ton is sometimes required commercial depending on how it is equipped from the factory as could be over 10,000. I have gone to an ATC aluminum trailer because of the lowered chassis weight thus helping ensure I stay under 26,000# Lastly if you have a name on the side of the trailer or the tow truck you are most certain to be not covered by the exemption in 390.3 and thus you might as well get your DOT registration and your log books and your medical cards. Remember to have your manifest correct if you are considered commercial as that will be checked in Maryland. There is one scale house in Maryland that I have never been stopped and always green lighted through for those that would be interested in using that route. Robert
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