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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback-I am grateful for any comments (prefer a nice tone if critical), advice, suggestions. To address the mohair: I put that as it was said by someone who I thought knew something about the car but as it turns out maybe they don't??? Would you be able to tell me what it is if I took more pictures of the interior? I'm assuming it is the original because (1) I'm wrong on mohair comment and (2) my stepmonster told me "everything from front to back is original" this being based on statements from the previous owner. Heck Mr. Steve/Miss Aura, Daddy could have had the wool pulled over his eyes or lied to his wife so she'd be quiet about the money spent on the car. Now, remember I'm new at this, so please be careful as you might fall out of your chair or spit out any liquid when reading this but: What does the compressor look like? Would you please tell me which picture it is and what is it next to? As far as the needs-Obviously, paint and chrome but she hasn't been driven in over 2 years so it will need to be flushed or whatever procedure or process is needed to be done.
  2. thank you for the suggestion. The reason for the price is that's what the mechanic who had been working on her told me to list her as. The engine and transmission were cleaned up and maintained. Dad drove her a month before he passed. Thank you for your kind words for my father. I greatly appreciate them.
  3. My father purchased this car from the original owner more than a decade ago and immediately began the meticulous restoration and rebuild. He passed away 2 years ago leaving her about 2/3 of the way finished. The same mechanic has numbered each part and all is ready for the final assembly. The body has been sanded and primed with fenders removed in order to begin the final exterior paint job. As advised by classic car aficionados, I'm leaving her in this condition to allow the new owner the pleasure of finishing out my father's dream. MUST SEE!!! ALL ORIGINAL PARTS!!! SECOND OWNER!!! Impeccable interior with the teakwood and mohair fabric (both original) to make this Interior the prized possession of this car. *Engine and its cover are complete lacking only routine maintenance to make it run *Covered when not being worked on and always in a garage with minor exposure to the elements *Maintenance records available After taking care of the odds and ends of my father's estate, I've finally been able to take this on. The asking price is $15k but if any experts feel this isn't appropriate for it, please advise and I will give many thanks and much appreciation for the help. I've been getting a lot of referrals and had very little feedback.