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  1. Nice looking Kaiser Darrin. Does that Concours d' Elegance poster go with it?
  2. So what makes the difference that he didn't own the cars? He wanted to buy parts. If he pays, how is that a scam? I would not care if he paid me for them, then thru them in a fire.
  3. you can always ship without using that overseas service i have shipped using USPS international priority
  4. you maybe correct, but the refund funds didn't come from me--the buyer got his money from somebody
  5. I can disagree with many on this thread..in 20 years, and 1500 transactions, I have had great results with eBay..It is the "blue book" for prices on anything..why pay more locally, or on Amazon, if you can get a better price on eBay?,,, Similarly, when I list something, I will list it somewhat less than what it has previously sold for...for something that I no longer need or want, and it doesn't sell on Craigslist or Marketplace, why take it to my grave? I have 6? unpleasant experiences buying and selling in 20 years. 2 examples...a buyer didn't like what I sent; he returned not what I had sent, requesting refund--I called eBay, sent them pics of the items, they agreed and refunded the buyer from their funds. Similarly, I did not receive an item; seller could not provide shipping info; eBay paid me for my loss. As far as 10% fees--peanuts compared to tripping over stuff you don't need.
  6. here is a bargain Kaiser Darrin pedal car $100. Jon Eshleman 616 540 6210
  7. how about this one... those water pumps must be $10,000 each
  8. Nick, Why must you jack us around? You imply to own a Darrin; you most often post about Darrins; your profile pics go in and out about Darrins. That being said, you must truly know that these wires are for a Darrin, except the center section isn't typical. So then you must be posting these questions to show us that you own this stack of hubcaps. ,,and again, we hear your often used term.."I may sell" in my opinion, to which I am I entitled, foolishness
  9. and dirtiest car ever offered for sale high price must be for vintage grime included
  10. You indeed are the king of non sequiturs
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