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  1. I really just need a single picture of what it looks like underneath the black cover Thanks
  2. Recently removed the throttle body and mass air flow sensor so i could clean out carbon deposits in the intake. After cleaning and i began to put everything back on i forgot how the trottle cable and brackets mount to the throttle body. If anybody would be willing to post a few pictures of how everything attaches to the throttle body that would be greatly apriciated. Thanks Steve
  3. I need enough paint to do the whole car. So aersol wont work
  4. Does anyone know were i can buy Paint for a Bright Red 89 Reatta. I have tried searching online and i found only one site and it was very ridiculously over priced.
  5. I currently have a APTN Prom in the car. I will make an attempt to get to my local flapps at some point this week.
  6. Also could the oxgen light in diagnosic mode have anything to do with the car not starting
  7. Correct Mc_Reatta still cranks with no start and will start when fuel is poured into intake. I attempted to hook up the fuel pressure gauge but it was leaking fuel therefore causing the fuel pressure to drop. I will get back to you once i fix the leak and get a accurate reading. Also fuel goes up when ignition is in on position.
  8. Do you by chance have a list of basic test that i should perform
  9. Finally got a new prom and got it installed in the car, but it still wont start. Here is a link to the current symptoms. http://forums.aaca.org/showthread.php?t=372192&p=1295597#post1295597
  10. So i finally got a new prom after loosing the original during a ecm swap but my 89 Reatta will still not start. I went into diagnostic mode and it said no ecm codes. So i i went into ecm and unlike before when it said no ecm data i am now getting data. Does anyone have a data sheet for what each item should be showing. Also the triangle labels oxg was lit up. Does anyone have suggestion at what i can try to get the car running? Thanks Steve
  11. That gonna be the next thing on my list to do
  12. Thanks for the help dave. Let me know if you find anything
  13. Does anyone have a assu or assw prom that they would be willing to sell? If you do please message me through the forum.
  14. Im looking to purchase a prom for 89 reatta with the part number 16141305 assw or 16141300 Assu
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