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  1. Absolutely!! Several years ago I restored a 1931 Cadillac convertible coupe from a basket case. ( Never again!!) In the process, I was desperate for parts. Two sedan parts cars were acquired - one in Florida and one in Ohio. I'm in Virginia. I was thrilled to find them and gladly paid more for each of them than the starting bid on the subject car. I'm surprised that this car wasn't gone via a BIN deal on the first day. The transmission alone will bring around $1600. You would certainly be in backwards restoring this car, but I'm surprised that if nothing else, a Cadillac/LaSalle owner hasn't bought it for spares for his running/driving car at that price. Trans, distributor, carb and water pump add up to more than $2500.
  2. Yes, that's what HC stands for on Cadillac and LaSalle heads of that vintage, although the term is laughable by today's standards and was relative. The HC heads produced a compression ratio of 5.35:1. There WAS a low compression head offered for areas like South America where the fuel was REALLY bad. They were around 5.00:1. The LC heads are the rare ones.
  3. Highly recommend the Alex Kershaw book "The Bedford Boys." Here's a short article about them:
  4. Take a moment everyday, (but especially today on the 75th Anniversary) to thank God for our heroes who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D Day June 6, 1944. All risked all, and many GAVE all for you and me. 9,388 Americans lie in the cemetery at Omaha beach alone.
  5. You asked for suggestions : 1) Lighten up. 2) If unable #1, then do as you threatened to do in your next to last sentence.
  6. On ebay. Not mine. On this one, I'd buy a good running, decent looking sedan and strip it (body swap?) to get this one finished quickly, then sell what was left. ........ Oops no title. I wouldn't be interested.
  7. Are you telling us you crushed the Lincoln??😧
  8. Great story about Lynn St. James. A great driver, and still a lovely person. Attached is a photo of Lynn with my wife Brenda at Indy this year.
  9. I had the pleasure of participating with my PC-7 in the Historic Racing Exposition this year at Indy sponsored by the IMS Museum. I had a blast, and this was certainly my best week ever at Indy. Attached are photos of me headed out to the track, Tom Bigelow ( who drove my car in the 1981 500) and Bobby Unser with me, Merle Bettenhausen signing the wing on my car on behalf of his Dad and brothers ( Gary Bettenhausen drove my car in 4 races in 1982), and Ray Evernham with Bobby Unser. My wife and I stayed for the race on Sunday. I was proud to display my AACA ( class 24A car) sign in front of the car during the show portion of the Exposition.
  10. I enjoy music played at a level where it doesn't interfere with conversations. A pet peeve of mine is how we are CONSTANTLY bombarded with loud music, ads, etc these days. At the gas pump, inside restaurants, the doctors or dentist office, and yes at the car show - you name it, there is almost always something yelling at me. This old fart misses the days when there were a few minutes of peace and quiet allowed during the accomplishment of everyday tasks. I know the volume is excessive, as the audiologist told me that my hearing loss is severe ( as does my wife every day 😁) and even I find it to be too loud AND too frequent.
  11. Deleted from Earl's thread and moved here. 2002 F-350 Regular cab dually 7.3L Diesel. 24 ft tag. The truck has a goose neck hitch installed in the bed, and sometimes I think I'd like to have a 34-36 foot enclosed goose neck trailer, but it probably won't happen.
  12. I had numerous decals made for my Indycar restoration by a firm here in Danville, Va called KG Graphics ( Kristen Gusler). They can make decals from a good photo in the dimensions you specify, can duplicate an existing decal and can reproduce an existing decal in a different size. Here is the link to their website: I can recommend them without reservation. The "1981 USAC Registerd Car", Buffalo "We're Talking Proud", and "Eagle Creek Nursery" decals shown in the photos below were made by them. They also made several other sponsor decals that I could not locate in the correct size, and a couple that I couldn't find at all, using photos. These are high quality decals with peel off backs just like any racing decal you are familiar with. I felt the total cost was reasonable as I had a pretty large order, once spares were included. I am confident they can supply your decal. The cost for one decal may be more than you are willing to pay.
  13. Below is a link to a VanDerBrink Company auction that I ran across that is coming up in Springfield, Mi. Some interesting lots including antique motorcycles, vintage speed parts, midget racers and several Pierce Arrow project cars including a V12 Sedan and a rough boat tail project with a Seagraves engine. Although I didn't see anything I really wanted, I've got to hand it to the guy, he had some stuff you don't see every day. After clicking the link below, the quickest way to see everything is to scroll down the page and click on "auction photos" in the yellow box.
  14. One of the better known body builders of our time was Marcel De Ley. Here is a link to an article about him: Some 1930 and 1931 V16 Cadillac sedans were converted to roadsters or convertible coupes over the years by using the open body from a 1930 V8 car. Due to wheelbase differences, a 1931 V8 open car wouldn't work - a 1930 model donor car was needed.