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  1. Hey guys, Thanks for all the welcome advice. I went and pulled the trigger on the Stude'. The Kaiser definitely had character, but the Stude' was positively immaculate. I simply couldn't pass up that bargain. Once again, I'm immensely grateful for your suggestions.
  2. Ha. Bernie, I'll gladly share the information for the Stude', but I have to ask, is the Kaiser your true preference?
  3. Thanks for the advice poci, leaning towards the Stude now.
  4. Perhaps my word choice regarding the kaiser was a bit harsh. Here are some photos for assistance:
  5. Hi all, I know I haven't been active on these forums for quite a while, but to make a long story short, I finished restoring my 51' Buick and sold her to an enthusiastic father/son team. Now I'm in the market for a "new" classic car and have narrowed it down to two choices. However, I can't for the life of me decide between them! Thus, I've humbly turned to this community for advice. Let me describe my options: Option 1 - 1953 Kaiser Manhattan 4 door. $6500. The car is a 3 speed w/OD and in driveable condition. Cream with green top.The paint is pretty horrendous but the interior is intact and the engine has been rebuilt. All chrome present and in decent shape. New vinyl top and tires with a good amount of tread left in them. Body incredibly clean and rust free. All windows intact with the exception of one vent window. The OD works but does a lot of freewheelin' and she had a hard time shifting into second so at minimum the linkage needs to be looked at. Brakes pull hard to the right. Overall, she's like my Buick when I first got her, before any sort of work done, a well preserved "survivor". Option 2 - 1955 Studebaker President State 4 door. $8900. Blue body white top. Full rotisserie restoration, I mean literally nothing on this car needs to be looked at. Auto trans with passmaster v8. I like the style of Kaiser more and the 3 speed certainly is a bucket of fun. The "plug and play" nature of the Stude' has its appeal too, though. And the Stude' isn't a terrible looker either, not as graceful as the coupe, but hey, whatcha gonna do. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks for replying. The Carb is a Carter WCD. The website seemed to be down for me yesterday, so I apologize for not replying earlier.
  7. Hey all, It's me again. The restoration process on my '51 Buick Special is going rather well, and after getting a new radiator, I'm beginning to use her more and more often as my daily driver. However, I am a novice, and things are bound to go wrong at some point. Just recently, the starter has stopped engaging when I press down on the gas pedal and now starts immediately when I move my key into the "On" position off of "Lock". This has been accompanied by a half second grinding sound when I turn the vehicle off in park. It does this in no other gear. Perhaps this is an issue with Pinion and Ring gears? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best Wishes, Jacob - I moved this thread to the Buick General after mistakingly posting it to the ACAA General Discussion. My bad! I deleted the old thread. - There was one reply recommending that I get a new starter switch
  8. I realize that I may get some flak for this, but I'm starting to develop an affinity for Dynaflow. Perhaps this will fade as CVTs become commonplace (To the ire of enthusiasts). For now, though, I can marvel at the fact that my 63 year old Buick is a smoother driving vehicle than my parent's new Volkswagen. Also, has anyone read the Dynaflow user manual? I think it's hilarious. My other favorite thing is rather small, the bakelite knob which controls the orientation of the antenna. It's unbelievably amusing. When I first got the car I would play around with it while at the gas station waiting for the car to fill up. So what's your guys favorite "Buick" feature? Thanks for reading! (Forgot to update in a while, the restoration is going great. We just put in new trunk/floor pans plus repaired the original heater core. Trying to keep it as stock as possible. Replaced all condensers in the original radio along with the shot speaker cone. Engine is already undergoing the rebuilding process.)
  9. Hey all, I own a 1951 Buick Special equipped with the dreaded "Dynaslow", "Dynaslush", or however you prefer to call it. It's honestly not that bad, granted I've only driven it for about a month. But, I was wondering, how much wear would it put on the transmission if I started off in low gear and then proceeded to switch to drive at around 30? You've probably got this question plenty of times at this point, but I couldn't find any other threads regarding this topic. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Jacob
  10. And I though my leaky freeze plug job was bad! Haha. Thanks for the good read, and good luck with your restoration! I wish you well.
  11. Hey guys! After quite a long vacation I am indeed at home. I will be posting pictures of the vehicle as requested. One of the few things I knew going into this was that Buick collectors have probably one of the best communities out there, and the support is outstanding! Thanks for all the kind thoughts. Note: The car was repainted (rather poorly) in the seventies before it was stuck in the barn. I also recently finished undoing a hack job freeze plug replacement. For all the seasoned collectors out there, how often are you stuck undoing someone's sloppy restorations? And just out of curiosity, what's the worst repair job you've ever dealt with made by a previous owner? Best Regards, Jacob Sidenote: The threads I post keep getting deleted, so if the post is duplicated, my apologies
  12. Hello, I'm pretty excited as this is the first time I'm posting a thread on this forum. Unfortunately, my first post is marred by tragedy(A financial tragedy, at least). The story begins when I nabbed my license approximately a year ago, as I turned sixteen. I have been collecting and restoring vintage radios, televisions, and phonographs for the past ten years so I am mechanically inclined, and my uncle owns a garage where he assured me I would have access to the resources I needed to fulfill my dream. That dream? To own a classic car and employ it as my daily driver. Foolish I know, but at that time I was having an early-mid-life crisis. My goodness, I thought to myself, sixteen years already gone! That's about a quarter of my life right there! Social Security checks would start rolling in any day now. It was time to really start living. My parents agreed to go half and half on the vehicle and I saved up $7000 through working various jobs. To make a long story short, I ended up paying fourteen grand for a '51 Buick Special Riviera. Seriously, fourteen with three zeros behind it. The car is a nice, unmolested survivor with 51,000 on the OD. Sat in a barn in the Nevada desert for twenty five years. No major problems (Except for a cracked intake, but by the grace of god I managed to locate a cheap spare). I love the car to death, and plan to drive it for many years. However, I feel as though I've overpaid by at least $6000 if not more, and I need someone to check my sanity, because I'm seriously freaking out right now. I didn't expect to make an investment, let alone an extremely profitable one, but the idea that I overpaid by that much is making me nuts. I guess I just wanted to vent a little, sorry if I wasted your time. Sincerely, Jacob
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