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  1. Does anyone know where I could come up with a partial passenger side rear quarter? Mine is damaged right in front of the tail light. A section about 12 inches in height, about 18 inches front to back. It would be cheaper for me to have a chunk of fender shipped vs a whole fender. A piece from the top to bottom of the fender, and from the tail light to the back of the wheel opening.
  2. Has anyone found anything newer to replace the original 1954 multi piece center link? I was wondering if a more modern one piece link would bolt in. I'd like to keep the original spindles etc,
  3. Thanks, at this point in time there is no real plan to paint it. I know the paint is shoddy, but the old saying applies, "they're only original once" I've had many many people say not to paint it coz of the patina it has.
  4. So, you really tightened yours up? How many extra turns did you get after the screw/plug initially contacted the cup?
  5. In my '49 - '54 shop manual it has a blurry photocopy of the centerlink that's a cutaway. It says, (with an arrow pointing at the end cap) "Adjust end plug by turning down tight and backing off to nearest cotter pin hole" When I had my centerlink disassembled to clean and re-grease, I remember noticing the springs looked heavier than a valve spring. I highly doubt turning the plug in would even begin to compress it. You'd have to really crank it. The vertical chrome is to cover the section of the front of the rear fender that was cut off. There was a rounded front to the fender. To accommodate
  6. With my '54 I just turned the big screws (end plugs) in till they wouldn't turn any more. then, backed them off till the slot lined up for the cotter pin to lock the screw.
  7. $150 plus shipping to your location from Edmonton Alberta in Canada. Took it out of my 70,000 mile 1954 Pontiac hearse Gears have no broken teeth.
  8. 1954 Pontiac Chieftain Landau built by Superior Coach Mfg. in Mississippi. # 206 of 207 coaches made in that year. Still has the original 268 straight 8 and 3 on the tree standard trans. This car had sat in a junkyard for 17 yrs when I bought it. No power steering, no power brakes, a real bugger to park hehe.
  9. Hi, I've owned old cars since the 70's. Had a 65' Catalina 2 dr hrdtp for 14 years, (shouldn't have sold it) but now I have a '54 Chieftain that was built by the Superior Coach building company into a Landau hearse.
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