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  1. Last chance, going to the crusher next week, need the space.
  2. Have a 95 Lesabre with approx 100,000 miles , it has a very nice leather gray (14I) option interior . Also many other parts. Located north of Denver CO Thanks Robert parr
  3. Thanks for the info guys since they didn't build any, it explains why I couldn't Google a picture of one.
  4. If the supply of these accumulators is running dry, a small, say 1 quart accumulator with some fabbed fittings could be remote mounted with high pressure stainless tubing. the ones we use in our hydraulic systems have replaceable bladders and Schrader valves where they can be repressurized .
  5. This was in a bag of old coins my son received from his uncle for Christmas. from what little I could find about the F.O. Bailey carriage co. they started building automobiles under the name Maine motor carriage company in 1901 anyone have a picture of a Maine motor carriage, or know how long they were in business?
  6. One of these white wires is almost certainly broken. you can unplug the connector at the base of the column and using in an ohm meter test across the two white wires. should test open untill you insert the key in the ign cylinder. then should read the resistance of the key chip. if it is still open with key inserted , one or both wires are broken( if I had a nickle for every one I have changed)? i bought resistors at R shack to make a resistor pack to match the chip. thats all those old chips are a simple resistor.
  7. With a resistor pack, like described in post NO. 5
  8. The wires in the ignition lock cylinder are likely broken and your chip is not being read by the VATS security system. i bypassed mine in my 95 Lesabre by using an Ohm meter to determine the resistance of the chip and making a resistor pack that matched from parts at Radio shack. at the base of the column you will see two tiny white wires paired in an orange sleeve . these are the wires coming from the lock cyl
  9. Absolutely a typo, no Cad V8 ever beat a 3800 in MPG
  10. Might think about using a Hoppes Bore snake in the correct caliber
  11. Follow Barney's advise and if it doesn't run with 12v , give the motor a good thunk with a hammer handle. The brushes may be worn out.
  12. Yes, the AMCA HAS A FORUM AT antiquemotorcycle.org
  13. Removing the pre cat O2 sensor and taking a test drive will tell you if the cat is truly plugged Gives the exhaust gases somewhere to go.
  14. Another problem with that particular year of 3800 is that they routed the EGR exhaust gasses through the plastic plenum . It will ( not may) but will eventually burn through and fill the cylinders with coolant. 60,000 miles is a little early for this but not unheard of
  15. I remember fixing some knock sensor codes by removing the knock sensor , cleaning the threads and reinstalling.
  16. A check engine light may or may not lead you down the right path. If it's missing on a cylinder or cylinders you will need to find out why. Coil pack burned open Plug wire open Spark plug cracked Injector plugged Low compression etc. etc. There have to be YouTube videos on tracking down an engine miss that will do you better than 3 or 4 pages of text that I could write. Good luck.
  17. If it's running smooth ( on all cylinders) , the things I would check first are fuel filter ( can you blow through it with your mouth)? Obstruction in the exhaust system( this can be checked by your mechanic by removing the before cat O2 sensor and installing a pressure gage) 2 Psi is about the max acceptable. Also make sure the air filter isn't extremely dirty. An engine is a pump If it can't suck it won't pump If it can't pump it won't suck
  18. Used to install one way vaccum check valves in the main vac line so the vaccum to the actuators didn't drop on hard acceleration.
  19. Couldn't find one, sold the Girafe, now look what shows up.
  20. I remember doing a report in high school on hybrid cars being the new thing that was just around the corner. One artical I used for reference was a magazine feature about a guy who put a Kholer twin cyl in the back of a small station wagon and also powered the car with an electric motor and car batteries. This was in 1983
  21. If you pry that connector out of the trans you will break it. Even if you don't damage the wires , it will never seal again . If memory serves me , an 026 is a quad driver module code. It drives four loads, if any one of those loads short to ground or create high amps it will set the 026. Get a schematic, the problem may not be within the trans.
  22. For a 3800 in the Reatta years my chart shows a R45LTS6 AC plug with a gap of .060. As for the conductivity, your 50,000 volt coil just jumped 60 thousandths of air which is a pretty fair insulator. I don't think a little never seize will stop it.
  23. The service ports Otherwise the retrofit should only requier the addition of oil that is compatible with the old r12 oil
  24. Dye and a black light are your friend when it comes to finding small leaks. Have them install the dye and you can buy a black light and do some diagnosis on your own.
  25. Thanks for all the replies It was something we found while cleaning out one of my late fathers buildings