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  1. Thanks for the info guys since they didn't build any, it explains why I couldn't Google a picture of one.
  2. This was in a bag of old coins my son received from his uncle for Christmas. from what little I could find about the F.O. Bailey carriage co. they started building automobiles under the name Maine motor carriage company in 1901 anyone have a picture of a Maine motor carriage, or know how long they were in business?
  3. 1937 Graham supercharged 6 cylinder engine rebuilt and running. Includes Rebuilt generator Rebuilt starter Bell house Flywheel Will need a water pump. $2500 Thanks , Bob
  4. You may be able to use your old alum line ends and have new hose crimped on. Used to be able to by ac rated hose in bulk, and a hydraulic shop should be able to crimp them Quote"I got the $180 Pioneer master rebuild kit from Rock auto and it looks like it came with the axel seals so will do. In my quest to be thorough I am changing the ac condenser and accumulator n orifice n o rings. I would like to get new ac lines but my search tells me you can't find "quote
  5. Wonder if anyone has ever tried to use one of these in say a 1 quart capacity with high pressure tubing and fittings to make a remote accumulator setup? the up side is they are made to be rebuilt and the parts will probably be available for another 25 years. the down side , they don't appear original, it will take up more space.
  6. Fine by me, it's out of a Floyd Clymer scrapbook. Quote"Cool! Mind if I post this pic to Buick Trucks? Hope not, cause I did. "
  7. For sale- old Nash and Rambler titles from scrapped vehicles. All are INDIANA TITLES except for the 1955 michigan title. 1948 Nash 4dr sedan 1949 Nash 4dr 1949 Nash model 4963 Brou ( assuming Brougham). 1949 nash 2 dr 1950 Rambler station wagon 1950 Nash CH 1950 Nash 4dr sedan 1951 Nash sedan 1953 Nash 4 dr sedan 1955 Nash CL. Sedan (Michigan title) bufordjustice@ymail.com thanks Bob
  8. Old International truck titles from scrapped vehicles. 1938 model D2 1946 model K1 pm me Thanks Robert
  9. For Sale old Studebaker titles from scrapped vehicles. 1947 sedan 1948 coupe 1948 4dr 1949 sedan 1949 4dr 1950 2dr 1950 4dr 1951 4dr 1951 2dr 1951 stude pickup truck 1952 2dr 1952 4dr 1952 coupe 1953 4 dr Pm me Robert
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