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  1. My mustang has a light switch that you pull for turn on the lights. I get what you mean I turn off the car, or ignition to off, however you may understand it and the light retract light stays lit. If I press it to try and turn it off, if dims a bit, but by doing so the "headlight on" light illuminates. So either way, something stays on. I removed the HID lights, ballasts and relay this afternoon and put the silvania headlights back in and my issue was no longer. My fog light HID are still plugged in, but it doesn't seem to be an issue.
  2. Lets go find that douche. Speaking of, someone stole my center cap. Who does that?
  3. Thanks Daniel. I think I understand the procedure fully, I want to try this on Friday on my day off. You dont have any pictures of how you actually did it? I dont want to end up splicing the wrong things or doing something wrong without knowing. They would help out a lot!
  4. Oh alright. I hope this resolves my issue. I guess I would have to take a whole afternoon to do so. Any special tools required? This is coming from someone with not as much experience as you. Haha
  5. I got a headlight resistor as well. They said i didn't need it, but handed it to me anyway. Would that be causing an issue?
  6. After all this, you were able to run hid lights with no problem?
  7. It was installed at a shop. Of course, its possible that they could mess up as well. When I press the lamp retract button, I can't turn off the headlights. So either way the lamp retract light stays on. Weird, isn't it? Maybe a short or something? I wouldn't know too much of this.
  8. I have an hid relay harness. Why is the lamp retract light illuminated even when the car is off, though?
  9. There was a fire in my town. I wanted to get close up to see what was going on but this is as close as I got. Why not take a picture?
  10. I should've mentioned that have hid lights. With hid harness and all. Not just the ballasts themselves.
  11. I drive an 89 reatta. What causes the headlights to not close? I notice the little orange light in the headlight switch is on, as well as the lamp retract. They stay on even when I turn the car off. Should I be worried? Just dont want it to drain my battery. My headlights both work by the way. What's going on?
  12. Low rider, that's just screaming no. That's just disgusting, simply put.
  13. I'm assuming it would eliminate both, yes. If all goes well, ill get this for my birthday
  14. It is a bit pricey. But I wouldn't let that get in the way.
  15. I was doing my usual browsing of random stuff on the internet, when I came across this site. Do you guys think its a plug and play for our Reattas? Because if it is..I would not mind buying it. I've never seen a Reatta on bags, but I'm sure itd be interesting...
  16. Why is everyone giving him a hard time? Not like hes trying to sell it to you guys. Sure, it isn't original, and if someone looking for an original reatta came across his, then that's too bad. They can look elsewhere. It looks fine. It isn't very easy selling these cars, I agree. The most i see him getting is 2k. Evrytime you modify a car, it doesn't necessarily help with market value. I'm sure we all can agree on that.
  17. If he wasn't so far from me, id buy a few things. Shipping, if possible, would just add to the cost too.
  18. I guess ill replace the hoses to and from the intake itself. As well as the thermostat. Anything else I could be missing, to get the job all done at once? Aside from changing out the oil and coolant of course.
  19. Sorry for anyone who saw my post on the sale page. But for those of you who haven't, I'm having an issue. I noticed that my engine is leaking coolant. I was told I need to replace my intake gasket. So here is the reason for my post?l, If I take on this project, how much time should I expect to spend? Any tips or things I should watch out for while doing so? And last question, if I'm taking on this project, what else should I take a look at or expect to replace/fix while doing so? I wouldn't mind doing a few more things if I can get them out of the way on the same work day. Thanks guys! Also my car stalled out today at a light. Code e034. I will replace the maf and see how it goes.
  20. So I changed my oil when I noticed that my engine seems to be leaking coolant. Was told that it was the gaskets that went bad. I'm going to replace these sometime next week. Anything I should do, look out for? Also, I figured since I'm taking it apart, what else should I look for or replace, to do it all on the same time?
  21. I may be interested to buy if you want to sell. I'm in Los Angeles, and have been looking for a reatta for my sister.
  22. Maybe just a universal intake? I'm not looking for too much horsepower gain or anything like that. Just want to get a cleaner look under the hood.
  23. I'm interested in swapping out the stock box, with an aftermarket cold air intake. That's where I stumbled. What route did you guys go with, for those of you who have already done so? Or any suggestions? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.