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  1. Yes sorry, it is off a 1936. I'm working on a 38, just had my truck on the mind. LOL
  2. I've got a grill off of a 36 dodge 5 window coupe. Any idea what it might be worth? The emblem is in very good shape also. It has the crank cover to. Thanks Neil
  3. I came across this dodge coupe with the emblem & grill surround. It really looks like it might fit may 1938 dodge pickup, if anything it looks a little longer. He said he would sell the emblem & the surround for $200 I really think I cant go wrong for that price. Any thought that it will fit? even if I have to modify it & get it re-chromed. Thanks
  4. I finally got my 38 out on the road today. I still need chrome trim for around the grill & Dodge Brothers Emblem. So if you know where I can find one, let me know.
  5. Here are the gauges from my truck Have you ever seen a front bumper like this before?
  6. Hello Dave Here are some pictures of that 38 pickup for sale. There asking 3900 for it what do you think?
  7. I'm still looking for the dodge emblem for my 38, also the chrome trim that go's around the grill. I did come across a company called Embemagic, but it is going to take a year to fix one for me. I also need a tail gate for the truck. thanks
  8. You are the best thank you so much. Neil
  9. How much are you asking for your frames? Thanks
  10. Hello I'm trying to find the frame dimensions for a 1938 dodge pickup. It seen its to be harder then you think. If anyone can help me locate a diagram with measurement that would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. Hello Would your book have the frame dimensions of 1938 dodge pickup. I see you lots of parts for sale. Do you have a frame? Thanks Neil
  12. Hello I just bought a 38 P/U & found out the frame is bent. I've got 1940 P/U lined up, does anyone know how close the frames are & how much I would have to modify ? Or what other frame is out there that might work. I really don't want to turn it into a street rod. Thanks Neil
  13. Hello Here is a truck I found that might work for you. If you get I'll would buy the dodge brother emblem off of you. Might be to far for you to go. Neil Ontario > Toronto (GTA) > Markham / York Region > cars & vehicles > classic cars in Markham / York Region > Ad ID 582170684
  14. I found a 1938 in the back 40. I just need the Dodge Brothers emblem, but I have to buy the complete car. There is a grill that is in very nice shape in the car. I'm thinking it must be worth some money. Does anyone know what it would be worth? Or does anyone need any parts off the car? Thanks Neil
  15. Is this the right size for the 1938 dodge emblem? I see you have 4" above it. And what is the proper name for the bottom picture? And are they for sale? Thanks Neil
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