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  1. Dale .. Thanks for the hint. I will give it a try. I hate to be stumped!
  2. Mark, There appears to be an inner metal frame and a seal as you said that is outermost. I pried on the seal just a bit and managed to break off a small piece. That's where I stopped. I'm thinking I may have to sacrifice the seal and install a new one in order to get at the lens?
  3. I have a nice tail light lens to replace the one on the right side of my 1941 Buick. I removed the tail light easily enough but the lens did not come out with it. It appears that it is held in by a fragile frame of some sort. What is the accepted procedure to get at the lens without breaking stuff? All the original 73-year old materials are still in place. I have attached some photos. Any help appreciated. Thanks! Photos: Tail Light, outside ; Tail Light inside, light body removed ; Replacement lens
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