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  1. Do we know which shade of gray is most correct for the back side of the wheels? Jeff
  2. I'm in the same situation attempting to install the new JASWest panels. Did anyone come up with the correct clips? Thanks Jeff
  3. I'm restoring a 1962 Starfire and can't seem to determine the correct color for the steel wheels. Of course, little shows under the wheel discs but the backs will be seen. Ours have been repainted (with a brush!) so I can't discern from them. Who can tell me the correct color? Black, Body-Matching or something entirely different? Thanks Jeff
  4. My driver's side armrest base is damaged. Does anyone have a good driver's side base or know of anyone that reproduces them? They appear to be 1959 only and the part number looks like 720561. Do they interchange with any other GM car? Thanks Jeff
  5. Hello all- Trying to delve into the inoperative turn signals on our 1959 Bonneville and discovered that the actuator lever (which resembles a clevis pin) and the anti-rattle spring are both missing. Everything else looks clean. Does anyone have a source or a replacement suggestion that will work? Thanks for any suggestions Jeff
  6. Need center and right corner rear bumper filler for 1973 Le Mans/ Luxury Le Mans or Grand Am. One year only fitment. I have left (driver) side. Jeff
  7. Great suggestion- got me thinking. I found an ECH LS6501 at Napa and it worked. Thanks!
  8. Looking for guidance- I have three broken twist bulb holders on my '64 Riviera that hold the 194 bulbs for the turn signals and high beam indicator to the printed circuit. Does anyone know of a source for new ones or have excellent used ones? Thanks Jeff
  9. HELP- Our '65 98 rear bumper came back from the chrome plater but the body shop has misplaced the rear bumper brackets. Anyone have a set for sale? Please call Jeff at 760.409.7075 or email at Thanks!
  10. I was a Buick Factory Sales Rep who called on Cloud Buick from the mid 80s until just a couple years before they closed. Very fine people. Dan and his wife are both deceased now but his son Steve Cloud still lives in Appleton. My best guess would be that a personalized blanket like that with the dealer principal's name was made for a special event like a Packers Game. Best regards, Jeff Stork