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  1. Thanks to all for the quick replies. The Word Document was the easiest to fill in and save. Our club's website registration is now in the mail (email). It is much more legible than my handwriting would have been. Bill Muno
  2. My name is Bill Muno and I am the webmaster for the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club in San Diego, CA. I confess that I was newsletter editor for 3 years before taking over the website 3 years ago. During all those years I have used the AACA website as a resource and I am guilty of just now registering. I am a self taught novice and have learned a lot from this website. I am in the process of filling out the Website 2014 Registration Form. I received the form in the US mail with instructions to complete it and return via email. I guess I fill it out long hand, scan it into my computer, them email it
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