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  1. thank you everyone for the info. wayne - if I followed your advice and went with a new bar and since -at least from what I have seen - you can not just purchase one would you go ahead and replace the other that is not broken also? or just save it in case its ever needed? thank you. randy
  2. thank you for information. Found a person parting out a 1964 dodge dart gt 2dr w slant 6. I have 1964 dodge dart 270 4 door w slant 6. Would they have used the same torsion bars when built? thank you
  3. Purchased my first classic car recently - 1964 Dodge dart 270 - and its in great shape. I had let it sit for a few months and when I took off the cover it was leaning towards the drivers side. A mechanic said the torsion bar broke on the drivers side. I m trying to find a torsion bar at a reasonable price and I am having no luck. It seems like most places dont carry them or only carry hi-performance bars costing 3-4 hundred..I called around to some auto junk yards and u pick it places and that was a dead end.. if anyone has a website/company or can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thank you, Randy
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