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  1. Another view. The miners cut away most of the body and perhaps the back half of the frame. Hard to tell as the remains of the car are now deeply buried in mine tailings and leaves:
  2. Thanks! I'm a hiker and encountered these remains last month, and have been curious at to what exactly the miners had cannibalized for their impromptu hoist. As for dragging parts out of there, the location of the mine is high up the canyon wall at the top of a daunting series of switchbacks, and getting myself and my day pack up and down was plenty work in itself! Beyond that, the remains are probably covered under some historical artifact law or another, so one would want to check with the Coronado National Forest first. The road that the miners created to reach the property has been obliterated, so it would be strictly a hand-carry operation! The existing literature about the mine suggests it was inactive after 1920, but the presence of the cut-down 1930 Dodge tells me otherwise. Thanks again.
  3. This can be found at the site of the old Western Mine in Ida Canyon in the Huachuca Mountains of southern Arizona. The car appears to have been cut down and transported to the mine site, where the engine was jury-rigged to a winch to power a cable hoist for ore cars. Though the design of the radiator shell (missing its badge) is distinctive, I haven't been able to identify it via image searches. There is a strip of chrome trim at the back of the hood. The engine is an inline eight, and the spark plugs are clustered rather than evenly spaced, as follows: xx xx xx xx The mine was sporadically active during the 1900-1920 period and perhaps a little beyond... Anyone recognize the radiator shell? Thanks in advance, Joe S.
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