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  1. Thought I would post an update!\ I was able to find the issue. It turned out to be the combination of corroded contacts at the headlight wiring harness and I was able to determine both low beam seal beams were burnt out. When I hit the high beams at the dimmer switch the lower seal beams lit up. After replacing all four sealed beams the issue is resolved. I am just glad to say the visors are working great without the second relay having to be installed (ie "KNOCK ON WOOD")
  2. Its been a long time coming but its done
  3. I need some help with the headlights on my 1965 Riviera. I have replaced the Head lamp switch and I have a relay coming. Does the relay only control the visors or does it also generate the circuit to the head lights as well? My problem(although I have many outside the Riviera) is I have tail lights, I have park lights, My visors both open and close with the headlight switch, but my head lights do not work(light). I can hear the relay click when I pull the switch but no light. I have the dimmer switch plugged in the extra wire that normally goes to the cruisematic option is not connected to anything. I have cleaned and checked all grounds to no avail. Contacts to the switches and fuse block checked and cleaned( I believe the Orange and black wire going to the relayT's off connected to the yellow wire going to the fuse panel(fuse pos#2 on the fuse block) Please I could use some suggestions as to all areas to check! Thank you in advance!
  4. I bought This Buick Riviera for my son as he had his heart set on driving this for his graduation. The car was complete in great running condition but was in need of an interior kit and a full exterior restoration. I insured and registered the vehicle with antique insurance before driving it to my shop. I pulled it apart labeling and packaging all parts for the restoration. That was one month ago. Since then my son has changed his mind on the vehicle. I have completed the rust repairs and currently starting on the body work. If anyone is interested I will sell it to them for what I currently have into it or finish it and sell it for a profit. Please email me bierback@telus.net
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