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  1. And the new replacement panels from others dont look right or original. And no one has new cross braces. The two joints in CA are legit.
  2. Did u ever find a source for rebuild kit? This seems to be an oddball differential. I have a 65 GS with the posi too.
  3. There are two places in california. In rancho cucamonga and roseville. Search both areas on craigs list. Ive been to both places, great guys. Lots of floor pieces with clean cross braces. I have several pieces on a greyhound bus now. Waiting for them to arrive in MN.
  4. Thanks guys...the $229 is way too rich. I do like the $29 ones but they don't have the spring loaded. I see they have spring loaded/retraction options. I think I'll go junk yard hunting when it warms up a bit. You guys are always a great resource! Thanks again!
  5. Besides for my 1965 Riviera project, I have another that requires the front seat belts (Driver and Passenger, not the middle/armrest seat) from any full size GM car from 70-75. I would prefer black but open to options. They must have the recoil housings and they must work, the torx bolts and again, prefer black. Send pics and quote to 651-303-2686. I'm in MN so if you are nearby that's a plus...but I do travel the USA for could always arrange a pick up. Thanks
  6. I have a project that needs early to mid 70's full size GM Cars. Ideally, 1973 Riviera Front Seat Seatbelts. Black. Need to have just the outer front seats (Driver/Passenger) Not the middle seat/armrest seat. Send pics & quote to my cell at 651-303-2686.
  7. I used works well and much lower price than Dynamat. Found it on Ebay.
  8. RideTech is what I have on mine. I've only purchased the airbags so far. I have not bought the controller or the air pump. That's another $1800 above what I spent on the air bags. For the front, the Lower Control Arm needs to be HEAVILY modified.
  9. Are we allowed to discuss future classics here? Because, WOW! I really hope this isn't another tease from Buick...and I hope they can bring this to market asap.
  10. Stop making it look so damn easy! (make a few for your forum friends)
  11. Wouldn't it be nice if we were like the Skylark/Chevelle/Cutlass/Lemans guys? They have full floor pants w/braces.