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  1. Hi Mark Any luck finding those parts?
  2. Upon further review I think I need both of those parts
  3. Hi Mark I don't think it is 254812 That is the steering gear housing assembly. I think the part I need is 254522 which is called a secondary bracket. I have the gears but the tubes I have are not the correct length. I may be able to make the tubes out of pipe. Basically it would be nice to have the whole assembly that mounts to the steering gear housing which controls the throttle & spark advance but I think with what I have if I had the bracket I could make it all work.
  4. If u can send pics. What I really need is the bracket the mount to the steering box that holds the tubes. Thanks
  5. Yes I'm interested. Please send pics. If u would give me details why you are pulling it from ur car. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the suggestion Leaf. The first pic is the rebuilt one from Russ. The second pic is my AC. I think you are suggesting cutting down the eschetion and mounting to the new bezel. I'm not sure it fit and work. Tom
  7. Hi Larry, Mine is crumbling case problems. Talked with Russ Forstnow yesterday. He can't repair the AC unitd. He does have an oval shaped Stewart Warner. I don't know if it will cover the existing fancy bezel hole, but I would have to cut a new hole in the dash
  8. Thanks Rod. I can read it. Is the Buick shop manual available? Looks like there's a world of information there.
  9. Hi Rod, Any chance of getting that whole thing verbage and all.I would like to see the theory of operation? Thanks
  10. Thanks a bunch Rod very helpfull
  11. Thanks, I called Jason & he is very helpful.
  12. Does anyone know where to find a speedometer casting? I sent mine to the guys in Minn to have rebuilt. They could not do it. All the parts gears etc are there but the casting is broken in more than one place. Next item I need is the small copper fingers that go in the ignition & lite switch. I bought the new casting from Bob's and new plexiglass front plate and a junk switch on ebay. But I still need the copper switch fingers for both the ignition side & the lite side. The last item on this post is the splash pans that fit on the bottom sides of the engine. Mine are rusted thro
  13. First of all, thanks to all have replied and helped on my first two previous posts. Going good with the project. Got her running good. New carb float, vacuum pump working fine and running great. Time to work on the starter generator. Spins like a top with the generator wire unhooked. Put power on the generator winding and it turns like it should, slowly until the starter brushes engage. However I think the generator brushes are not raising off the armature. The starter turns very slow and labors. Remove power from the generator terminal and it spins great. I have 2 six volt batteries
  14. That's correct. I couldn't recall the proper name. Any idea where to find one? Thanks
  15. No I sure don't. This is just a pic someone sent me. My car does not have one but there is a hole in the seat itself to accommodate it. Would like to find it before I take her to the apolstery shop
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