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  1. Thanks Gents for your direction on the steering box issues. Did check to see if there was any fluid left in box...more there than I thought so maybe there isn't a seal problem as we suspected. Is "corn head" grease 600W Ken? Found the gas line at Narragansett. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Thanks Larry and Abe...will keep that shift grommet in mind, Larry. And yes! This has been fun...so far. Will go with that pump, Abe. Not sure about the aluminum heads...they would certainly dress up that engine. Looking at the ones from Kearney Foundry. Will also use 8BA valves but will try to stick with the hydraulic lifters. We've heard that Jake F. is the go-to guy on the making sure the lifters are good with bleed off etc. Broke off a few valves and then figured out how to use that KD Valve Guide Removal tool...really slick. Once we broke the code, it worked pretty well. T
  3. V12 Friends, How does one go about removing the steering box assembly/steering column on a '39 LZ sedan? Does the box separate from the steering column? Looks like we've got a leaky seal on this unit. When doing a '33 Ford, we pulled the entire unit up through the firewall into the car and out the top. This '39 Zephyr steering box looks a lot more massive/substantial. Had Lares Mfg in Minnesota repair the '33 and they did a good job. No more leaks etc. Does the '39 have a cork seal? Is this something we can do ourselves or do we need special tools? Is there an
  4. Follow on... Two rear freeze plugs (right and left sides) are rusted out.
  5. Update on the V12 removal operation: Thanks to the wise advice and guidance of Ken and Kenny from Alabama, Tom O., Merv A., and Charlie B., Christopher and I managed to extract the V12 from his '39 over Christmas. Just about everything you told us would happen...happened and most of it good! The intake manifold shows a casting date of 1941 so we weren't able to verify it was a '39 until pulling a head (early cast iron replacement) which revealed a 2.75 standard piston. The engine also as a 6-bladed fan, 4 spring/bolts on balancer, and oil sender unit mounted on t-fitting which is atta
  6. Hi Tom, Interesting stuff you share here...more background on this '39. Actually the smoke was more of a bluish color and engine showed low compression (don't remember numbers) when we fired it up 5 years ago (had changed oil/filter prior). At the time, we thought maybe rings were stuck so we were advised to fill the cylinders with AT fluid and let it soak for a couple of weeks. Drained the crankcase again, changed filter, filled with fresh oil. Drained gas tank and installed rebuilt coil/distributor, rebuilt correct '39 carb and new plugs. When draining crankcase, noticed wh
  7. Hi Tom, Thanks so much for your great response! Christopher found the OCee Rich book and ordered it so we're off on this new adventure. Pretty sure there'll more questions to come! Merry Christmas! Wayne and Christopher
  8. Gentlemen of the V12 Order, I Follow the forum but have not had much to say until now...my son and I are preparing to pull the V12 on his '39 Zephyr while he is home on military leave for Christmas. I have learned a lot from your shared V12 wisdom and experience. Now it's our turn to jump into the deep end of the V12 pool and so we're hoping you guys can help guide us down the right road. The car is a 4 dr sedan with a fairly intact original "custom" interior...a running car with 43,000 miles but desperately needing rings and valves at a minimum judging from the wall of bl
  9. Thank you, Gentlemen! Some good ideas here...If a guy goes with the plate bolted to the intake manifold deck, where do the hooks or U-bolt get placed on the plate to keep the engine balanced as it's pulled out...towards the bell housing end of the block, but how far? Wayne
  10. Thanks, Tom...after you had the plate attached to the intake area, did you have hooks attached to the plate? How many?Is there a picture available showing the setup with the exhaust manifold bolts used in The Shop Notes?
  11. Just wondering what the part number is on this KR Wilson tool? I have one that looks very similar with a part #8000-E. It also has "85" in the casting. I assume it's for a flathead 85. Will be pulling the V12 out of a '39. and not sure how to pull that engine? Do I need something like what Jeff is picturing? Thanks!
  12. Thanks, Jeff for collecting these "V12 Vitals!" Hope to tear into a '39 engine this coming year. Wayne
  13. Having removed these items before, I found the best way to avoid twisting off the bolts was to use a Dremel with a stainless steel wire wheel to clean off all the rust on the exposed part of the bolt threads (at the end of the bolt). Then soak them. Only lost one bolt in removing the nuts.
  14. Hi Mike, I could sure use the Lincoln Zephyr 1936-40 Chassis Parts List for this project we're working on. I'm at oknut4@gmail.com Regards, Wayne
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