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  1. So the Le Mans was a regular motor they put in it ?
  2. Ok with it being a 55.. How many years did they make the Le Mans duel jet fire motor in it? And is this car rare?
  3. So it's kinda rare? Man I'm new at this I'm in the process of restoring a international l110.... I'm 22 so I'm still young at this hobby... I have a small"600" stash of cars ranging from 40's to 70's that I have access to so I'm looking to start a business once I can sell some
  4. Does you book say how many were produced?
  5. Ok sir thank u so much for your help! I have quite a bit of cars if u want to see any let me know
  6. Ok so it's a 55 with able mans motor? Man I wish I could find that somewhere I can't find anything on it
  7. I thought the only year the Ambassador came out with the Le Mans motor was '53.
  8. What about the motor? http://www.acmefluid.com.au/nash/Now%20It's%20Yours%20-%20LeMans%20Engine.pdf
  9. I have some questions I need to ask about this car! First of all how many years did they make the Ambassador with the Le Mans duel jetfire motor... I believe just one but I'm not sure... I have the serial number but I haven't been able to match it with anything online... I need some help!!
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