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  1. Well, the nameplate says Auto Redbug.... The boards in the back have the engine brace holes. http://williampowell.net/images/redbug/engine_mount.jpg My Grandfather told me he got it from an estate owner in Long Island. The owners son had the redbug with the fifth wheel. He said the son would always wear out tires. Unfortunately he did not get the fifth wheel with the car. 32 spokes on each wheel.
  2. Well, I'm not 100% sure. I think I'm going to cut one off and have a look. http://williampowell.net/fullhtm/redbugfl/redbug4.htm Though, I have seen redbugs that were restored and the new owners put on newer rims.. Here's a page a created a while ago, some pictures of somebodys nice redbug and my weathered redbug at the bottom. It was sitting on my grandfathers porch for about 30 years. http://williampowell.net/pages/redbug.htm
  3. Hello, I have an old Auto Redbug with a 39 Sachs moped engine that has been in the family since the 40's. My father tells me that it has Clincher tires. 20 x 2. Where can I find replacement tires for the Redbug? Thanks, redbug2
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