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  1. Martin, great work. I have been keeping track all along. It has me motivated to get working on my 600 this summer. Been swamped with life items (move, work, family issues, etc.) but hope to have time soon. I just wanted to comment on your hood springs. Based on my unrestored, been my wife's family since new, Meteor 600 the springs were in fact red from the factory. Surprised me the first time I wiped the dirt off of them but look cool (imho) with black hinges.
  2. I know what you mean about the old engine smell once you crack them open. I swear I can smell it just looking at the pictures. Looks great inside considering the age and mileage. Did you find the metal build tag on the right side corner where the fender meets the cowl? I met a family with a Mercury convertible that led me to look there for mine. Sure enough it was still wired there and sitting in the cavity created by the fender and cowl. Too cool about the firewall markings. I will have to see what is behind the engine on mine. On mine the rotation number is clear on the firewall and in
  3. Martin, were the chrome surrounds for the bulbs just a clean up or a rechrome? They look great.
  4. Left a message and email with Big M. C2 has '62 parts which I could probably work with. Turns out they are close enough I can walk there. Who knew?
  5. Thank you Bleach and Laughing Coyote. I will look into both. Regarding the pictures I don't know what the issue is. Ipad and Macbook are a no go. The pictures i did get uploaded were from my work Dell. I will try that some more tomorrow though I ran into the same issues after I got these to upload. I'll get it figured out so I can start a thread. I don't want to tie this one up.
  6. I believe you are right if I can find 61 Ford sheet metal. I have had little luck finding anything for the areas I need. Regarding the pictures, I did get a few to go up into my gallery but 80% of the time it fails. Mostly and invalid file error or the files were too large. Trying one at a time is no luck so I guess that is all I can upload now. The picture shown is after a quick wash the first day I had it home. The front wheels are still locked up and it didn't run yet. It is also compressed in size.
  7. Thanks. My fruit based tablet wouldn't let me upload pictures for some reason. Most are on our fruit based laptop anyway. I will try that tonight. From the invoice the car was built with the optional 292, optional defroster, and AM radio. According to my wife it must have been on the lot that way because her grandfather wouldn't have spent the extra money! My biggest challenge will be the sheet metal. I am no where near as skilled as you are so it will take me a while. I may be able to use '62 sheetmetal since I don't need the full skin. There is also evidence of lapses in judgement
  8. New to the forum but I am loving this thread. I started my latest project last year. It is a 1961 Mercury Meteor 600 2 dr. It is black with a red and black interior. For power it has a 292 V8 with three on the tree. The car is 100% complete but needs lower corner repair on both front fenders and wheel lip/lower quarter rust repair. The frame is good. The under body is good as well. The paint is aged with decent gloss considering it is still the original. It has 54000 original miles. The car was purchased new in 1961 by my wife's grandfather. I have the original owners manual and inv
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