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  1. Martin, great work. I have been keeping track all along. It has me motivated to get working on my 600 this summer. Been swamped with life items (move, work, family issues, etc.) but hope to have time soon. I just wanted to comment on your hood springs. Based on my unrestored, been my wife's family since new, Meteor 600 the springs were in fact red from the factory. Surprised me the first time I wiped the dirt off of them but look cool (imho) with black hinges.
  2. For sure. Same car. Getting to be less of it there based on what is sitting in Michigan now. I'll post picks next week. I am also finalizing the steering column purchase with John so that I can have a key component to my reversible auto update. Just waiting for shipping costs so that I can pay him for the total and get it on its way.
  3. I know what you mean about the old engine smell once you crack them open. I swear I can smell it just looking at the pictures. Looks great inside considering the age and mileage. Did you find the metal build tag on the right side corner where the fender meets the cowl? I met a family with a Mercury convertible that led me to look there for mine. Sure enough it was still wired there and sitting in the cavity created by the fender and cowl. Too cool about the firewall markings. I will have to see what is behind the engine on mine. On mine the rotation number is clear on the firewall and inspector "28" signed off on the voltage regulator. Those are the only two I see currently.
  4. Thanks Pete. For the short term at least it will stay 3 on the tree. Project update...... I put the battery back in yesterday and started her back up. I was pleased that there are no leaks an she runs perfectly. The next step is to get her off the jack stands and wash her. The first cruise in night starts on the 28th and I plan to be there. On the parts front I have received new fenders and quarters from Big M Auto in California. Super solid and fair prices. Shipping was expensive but everything arrived without further damage. I am very please with Big M. The response is a little slow when working from the other side of the country but we'll worth it for me. The fenders arrived with bonus side ornaments (these were off an 800) and the quarters arrived with wheel houses and trunk drop offs. Both of which are solid. Not sure what I will do with the side ornaments other than clean them up. They aren't bad but not great either. Nothing else too exciting. Work is crazy busy and my wife and I are looking for a new house which will have a larger garage. I need the room to really get in and restore this car.
  5. Been shopping mostly. Lots of NOS and used parts have arrived lately. I never knew I could find so much on eBay. My fenders have arrived and the quarters arrive tomorrow according to Fedex. Once I have them all I will have them stripped so that I can seal them in epoxy primer. That will protect them until I can get to them. I have had little time because work has been nuts and it seems that my family is on a run of bad luck. The latest was a nasty cut on my wife's thumb last Thursday. 7 stitches to seal it up. She cut it slicing a bagel with one of our Cutco knives. He birthday is in 2 weeks......I hope she like the bagel slicer she is getting.
  6. Thank you Joe. I will definitely check it out. I appreciate the lead. Mark
  7. Thank you for the kind words. If I could find the 3 spd OD that was an available option I would be happiest. I want to use her for long trips up north (3 hours each way) and that just wouldn't be pleasant without OD. If I do the auto it will be a 4 speed.
  8. Ok. Due to family issues and work I have not had much time to do any work. I did find enough time to clean the dirties carb I have even seen. The pictures do not do justice to just how much dirt and oil were caked onto it. I am surprised the car ran as well as it did. After hours of scrubbing it cleaned up pretty nice. It looks out of place now on the filthy engine. I am considering an update to an Auto because I cannot find a 3 spd OD (complete set up). As such I have delayed pulling the engine. I also decided to do a quick clean up and repaint of the steel wheels. Examples shown.
  9. Martin, were the chrome surrounds for the bulbs just a clean up or a rechrome? They look great.
  10. Thanks. I am excited about it. I am currently working on some sheet metal that I need. I also know what you mean about getting another project. I have a T-bird I could get for a great price. I simply don't have the room. To be honest this car is a bit big for my garage but I will find a way to manage. I need at least a 2.5 car garage. Oh well.
  11. Well, I am back from Columbus and overall I would say it was a pretty good trip. Not a lot of items but successfully picked up a new, uncracked, exhaust manifold set; a 4bbl intake; a rechromed bumper, and a set of NOS Fender Ornaments. I was surprised at the lack of valve covers of any kind for the 292 V8 and the lack of Mercury script emblems. I didn't expect a large number but more than 0. Oh well. I can still rechrome mine.
  12. I hear you on the fender gun sites. In my initial cleaning I was looking at how they come out and.......pop, it came out pretty easy. I took both out and stored so that they wouldn't fall out while driving on our not so smooth SE Michigan roads. I will be careful with all of the emblems. I plan to have them re-chromed currently. And thank you again for the Big M auto contact. We have been trading emails and I am just waiting for some pictures so that we can set up a purchase on the sheet metal. I highly doubt I will find what he says he has in Columbus tomorrow.
  13. Redford actually. The car's on road life was all in PA before I got it back on the road.. Her Grandfather had it under coated pretty well. Just couldn't stop the fender and rear quarter rust from the wheel splash.
  14. I have yet to decide which I will do first. Sheet metal repair, the under side, or the engine (corl gasket replacement, painting, etc - runs perfect and needs no full rebuild). We'll see what I find tmorrow in Columbus. If I have luck finding sheetmetal from the people I have tried to contact or at the swap that will be first. If not, most likely the underbody. It is in good shape as my wife's grandfather really undercoated teh heck out of it. The rust on the frame should clean up fairly well and POR-15 will cover it. The floor has no holes so probably a good cleaning and some spray on under coating. She is going to be a driver for now so I won't go crazy with underbody detailing. What ever I do i still want to be able to drive it this year so I don't want it down for the spring/summer/fall. My key point with this next project was to be able to enjoy it while working on it. Extended down time is expected just not for too long. The long term plan is a new paint job, refinished interior, engine bay, and something for better highway driving (either the selectable planetary OD they offered if I ever find a complete set up or possibly an AOD). I am also considering a add on fuel injection set up but for now I am happy to stay with the 2bbl carb. Any comments/suggestions/lessons learned will be much appreciated and welcomed.
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