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  1. Hello, Does anyone know what the correct carburetor is for a 1937 Dodge Truck. I have a MD-21 but the parts book shows that the carburetor is the same as the MC. ME, RC,RD,RE,LC,LE,LF, and some K and KC trucks The parts book shows part number 581395 and says that it is a Carter carburetor. I am trying to find out what Carter carburetor was used. I have seen references to CTC1-CTC2-CTH1-CTH2-439S from various sites on the internet. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you.
  2. I take it the two gentlemen that each sent me nearly the same private message with different emails about having a whole warehouse full of parts are the only ones with parts for these trucks?
  3. Hello, I have unfortunately purchased a lemon in the form of a 1937 dodge MD-21 (1 ton truck with a 9 foot bed) and I am looking for several parts to get started on a restoration. Wanted: Stock/Original Parts ------------------------------------- Running Boards (For a 1 ton with a 9 foot bed) Carburetor horn Inside Door Handles Inside Window Cranks If anyone has any of these parts for sale, or if they can provide any information on what I should be looking for please let me know. Does anyone know if the running boards are smooth or ribbed? Vulcanized rubber coating? Mat on top? Picture of stock door handle and window cranks in 1937? Stock carb model? Thank you;
  4. I have not been able to find someone local to make a corrugated floor, let alone one at 9 ft long so I was hoping there was a vendor that offered one. Care to PM me the vendor's name that sells the short bed version?
  5. Does anyone sell a replacement steel bed floor for a 1937 long bed truck? Or a short bed for that matter? Thanks.
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