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  1. Hello Everyone, The Buick has been spoken for. I am sure you will see it in prime condition at a meet-up or show soon. Thank you all for your interest and passion in finding a home for this family heirloom.
  2. Hello Everyone! Thank you for all the offers of adopting the family "51 Buick. I have found a few people that are a great fit and will finalize the 'adoption paperwork' after they have taken a look at it. Those chosen were the first ones to respond AND also wanted to keep it in Historic Preservation condition. They were also interested in the story behind the car. Everyone was so enthusiastic and passionate about the car and I thank you all for being such great caretakers and enthusiasts. Keep your eye out for it and a meet-up or show near you! I am sure it will be out there for your enjoyment. Thank you all so much. I will post the new owner here once everything is finalized and they pick it up.
  3. I have a plethora of more photos including engine and interior. Please text me 503.830.5561 and I am happy to send them over if you are interested in adopting.
  4. @1939_Buick - thank you for reposting it! I will follow. I'll look into the annual meet-up, but won't be able to make it till Thursday. Hopefully, many will see this and be interested because it's so close. Thank you!
  5. FREE -ish!!!! I have a '51 Buick Special 4 door in good running condition with good body, interior, and paint (some issues but all original). It was my great-grandmothers and has been in the family since it was first purchased, I would like to give it to someone that will appreciate it and enjoy it. I became keeper of the car 7 years ago and totally unqualified for the job...and I am downsizing. Please come rescue this wonderful car and give it a good, loving home. It is located in Oklahoma (Lawton). If you are willing to pay for transport or come pick it up, and title transfer costs, it's yours. First come, first serve (and a little interview to know that it's going to a good home). Text me at 503.830.5561 for more information. Photos available upon request
  6. Hello! My Great-Grandmother bought this car new. My father kept it garaged and rarely driven. It has 52k original miles and it has never turned over. Paint is mostly original (there was a ding before I was born that was repainted on the trunk of the car) but faded, chrome is in great condition, the gas tank is new. This car is stock and the work done to it to make sure it is running well was done in 2012. I can give you the information on the specialist that did the work on the gas tank and car. I am looking for opinions on what to offer it for. Yes, you can PM me if you would like to come see the car if that would help decide the price. I know pics are helpful and I am in the process of getting those ready for the ad, but would like to make it easy on myself and just get a price range.. Not sure if I should auction it, (and if so where) or just sell it myself. I am just looking for an idea of what the market price range could be. 51 Buick Special 4 Door original, unmodified new gas tank driveable garaged or barned most of it’s life (except when briefly worked on in 2012) The registration gives this information VIN# 46366426 Model: 410 Body: 4D Class: AU Thank you