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    My name is John Andrews. I am the owner/operator of Envision Auto Relocations Inc. I have been in the auto transport business for more than 10 years, and am very knowledgeable on the subject. I have a continually growing passion for classic cars, and Jeeps. South Florida is my home, and always will be! My purpose for joining this site is to not only learn more about classic vehicle restoration, leading up to my dream acquisition of a 1953 Corvette; but also to share my expertise in auto transport to help other car enthusiasts.

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  1. This post is very interesting to me as I'm in the auto transport business. I am one of those extremely honest auto transport brokers out the, and understand everyone's concerns and am sorry to hear about some negative experiences with auto transport companies. I can assure you that my company is different. It was built based on my own values and principals; a company I started after leaving another firm where I saw some issues and took it upon myself to operate in an opposite fashion. I am very much into classic car shipping because of the type of clientele that comes with this type of auto transport. Most people I come across who ship a classic car are very knowledgeable about their vehicle, they understand my process when it's explained, and are just easier to work with. There are a lot of bad auto transport brokers out there. There's a lot of bad companies in any industry, every type of business has it's bad apples. Everyone should be able to tell within the first 3 minutes of a conversation with an auto transporter whether or not they know what they're doing, if they're giving a realistic price, and whether or not they're just telling you what you want to here. If you speak to me, I guarantee you will be able to tell the difference. I won't accept a job that I can't properly plan, or give a realistic expectation for. I will never be the cheapest option, because my drivers are of the highest quality. It seems like Trulyvintage is a great guy to work with, and I'd be happy to help fill a load for him whenever needed. In reality, brokers and carrier need each other. People like you all who ship classic cars also need an auto transport broker. You need someone to give you the right answers, the right price, the right plan...someone to keep in constant contact with the car carrier for you. Someone to verify insurance coverage, to ask the right questions about loading/unloading your vehicle. Someone who knows what type of trailer should be used, and if the carrier has enough experience to properly handle a job. You need someone who works a 12 hour day (I always feel like it's a 20 hour day)...If I'm awake, I pickup the phone. No Sundays off here. Messages are always forwarded to my cell..I conquer problems head on, and solve them. I always look out for my client's best interests, and have built my business around that principle. If you need an auto transport company, get an auto transport quote here. Don't let all of the noise you hear affect your decision..It's as hard to find great auto transport carriers as it is to find a great broker. Check me out. I won't disappoint.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm reluctant to post here...being a new member I don't want you to view my comments the wrong way..but the auto transport topic is a major point of interest to me; it's what I do for a living. I can say that I respectfully agree and disagree with some of the previous comments that I've read. I've been in this business for 10 years, and I've seen the cycle of GOOD vs. Bad brokers play out over time. Personally, I blame the lead providers and the FMCSA for most of the problems out there. To keep it short, both parties provide a low barrier to entry in this business...and that allows this commoditized service to be flooded with inexperienced agents, and dishonest owners. This is true for both brokers, and carriers also. While some of you may have had bad experiences with auto transport brokers; I've run into a few bad eggs myself. A great auto transport broker uses great car carriers. They have a relationship, a history, an understanding of expectations, deadlines, and procedures on how your classic car, or antique vehicle should be handled. I for one have a ton of respect for what my drivers can get done for me. I've personally done a 48 hour turnaround from my home in South Florida to Easley, SC and back..1400+ miles..arrived Saturday morning, got home Sunday night. It's not easy! For those who don't have experience even driving a distance like this...imagine what it's like for someone hauling an enclosed trailer full of classic cars. Stressful, tiring, sometimes frustrating (like any job). I'm trying to make a point without being to direct. A great broker gives his clients reasonable expectations, and always looks out for their (client's) best interest. I lose more business than I'd like to, by being completely honest with my clients regarding how I believe (with my 10 years experience) that their shipment should be handled. I provide a service to my clients that they see value in. I'm not concerned about your "deposit", and frankly I despise the fact that no one calls it a "SERVICE" fee. I strive to build lasting relationships with my clientele, because I know from my father (an old school salesperson) that it's the only way to build a sustainable business. I'm a confident and honest guy. I believe that my skills are invaluable to a classic car collector, a car dealer, or anyone buying a car. I tell my client's a realistic amount that they will need to invest in shipping their vehicle. 99% of the time, if it's a classic car I recommend enclosed transport. Investing in the right broker, and the right equipment WILL save you money, and a whole lot of headache. If you stay out of the whole "get 10 quotes" racket, and just establish a relationship with an auto transport broker you trust, life gets easier. Not to toot my own horn...but I have dealers and collectors who call me prior to purchasing cars all the time just to check on shipping cost. If the deal makes sense, great!....everybody wins. I get another transport job, and they buy a car they can make money on. Annndddd they can usually move their inventory way faster because I have access to a large network of great carriers. Again, not knocking the hard working car carriers; my business wouldn't exist without them. I also know thousands of drivers who wouldn't exist without my service either. Thanks for reading if you made it through. Excited to read responses! John
  3. Coming along great! We just shipped one of these last week. Good luck with the restoration!