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  1. Greg in Canada thank you for your info, I am rebuilding a 1949 meteor, in BC There are very few left on the west coast. so I have to go south to get many parts. Thanks again
  2. Can anyone out there tell me if I can mount a 8BA OD transmission to a C1BA without an adaptor
  3. Wow Willy Like I said I am new to this forum. I put my thread up just because, I did not expect any replys cuz the car is not a 57é55é56 Chev or a sunliner. It is nice to meet people that have seen one of these cars. This car is a one owner . My father bought the car to bring me home from the hospital. ( go figure buys a two door when starting a family) The car only has 23000 on it so the body is rust free. Presently the car is torn a part . The engine is being rebuilt and is just about finished. It hooks to an Overdirve trans. I am debating whether to frame off the car. Presently I
  4. I am restoring a 1949 Meteor 2 door coach. These are the Canadian ford with a few twists. It has a stock flathead but the flathead has Aluminum Heads . I have never heard or seen a car with these, but they are marked " Ford Canada" and are not after market. Can anyone help with parts, they are almost impossible to find the good thing is that most of the parts are ford but not all tks in advance
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