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  1. I forget to show you the 32, 3 window we are restoring The Studebaker is a lot better built car then the Ford I have found.Also a picture of my home away from home when wife through me out at times. that my 35 pickup .
  2. I should have it done this summer. My 39 Studebaker we want to take it to Ohio meet this summer. That will be the first time we have shown the car. Its original not restored. Its a two door commander with 46,000 miles
  3. Lots of Musuim to visit. The V-8 Ford museum is really super to see. I have a 1933 Ford 5 window coupe there. There are several museum you got to see also. The V-8 Ford National meet is in Aug. 24 to 27 in Auburn also This will be my first time with my 39 Studebaker. This car is unrestored all original except tires.
  4. It made my day hearing from you fellows. I am the only Studebaker fellow around here. I guess a lone wolf as one call it. This Commander is all original even the paint,chrome and interior is still like new. I have several Fords but this Studebaker is a bigger car and nicer. I hate to say that. Here a picture of my 35 pickup I drive alot.
  5. I notice my rear end leaking from sitting all winter. I started the 39 last week and road test it and the overdrive is not working so far. It was fine when I park it for the winter? I want to put a electric fuel pump on it back by the gas tank so when it sits I can pump gas to the carb. I did pick up a electric wiper motor I need to install. It just does not to leave the car to sit for a long time I have found. I have not been to any car shows this year. That not me. I guess it old age. All my cars need work. It does not seam to be as much fun as it use to be.
  6. June 20 Car Show for Studebaker Forest Hills, Pa. In Pittsburgh,Pa. Call Roman Bristro 412-851-0748 or call Mike Nicolella 412-851-0848
  7. Its Forest Hills, Pa. Studebaker Car show Contact Roman Bristro 412-851-0748 or Mike Nicolella at 412-851-0848 June, 20 Don't know much about it not much listed.
  8. Same color as mine. He not trying to keep the interior original anywhere close. In all a great car to finish. Its depends on the price. What would a nice 39 4 door be worth?
  9. I have seen two coupe express and a coupe. Several 4 doors. Have seen a couple of 40's President. My buddy has a 1938 President 4 door sedan which is very nice. He looking for the correct heater for it. I have got the only Studebaker here in our town but did see a 1950 Studebaker pickup the other day very close to my house. I was surprise but have not as yet checked on it. Its sitting outside. It looked in good shape.
  10. I have a 1939 Commander 2 door sedan that we drive.
  11. The coil on my 39 Commander is the original which sticks in the firewall. Never had a car that had the coil there. Have not look under the dash to see if it open there. Teach me about it. I would like to drive the 39 to St. Louis if I can get the car ready. There lots to do to get the car ready to drive that far.
  12. I ordered it a couple of weeks age and It came and I sure do enjoy reading it. My 39 had a good many accessory that I was not aware of. Lots of good reading in it. I always had Fords early ones. In fact I still have a few around here like a 24,27, 29, 30,33, 35,39,40 and 50. One lone Chevy and a Studebaker. My 40 Ford Conv. I have been working on for a couple of years getting it ready for the V-8 National Meet in June 2015. Its about ready. The Studebaker is a original car that unbelievable shape for original. That what I think. When I put in on the car lift the frame look like new. Now I had
  13. I miss that the shipping was free. I emailed to buy the 39 book. I am getting old and sometimes just mess up. Not good Very sorry.
  14. I did miss that. I don't mind the price for the book the shipping I don't care for. So I will wait and maybe find one at a Studebaker swap meet. My 39 has most of them as I can tell. Mine has clock, mirror on sun visor, overdrive, trunk light outside mirrors and front bumper guard. I forgot under seat heater. No radio or full dish hubcaps. But does have trim rings and white wall tires. Also fender skirts which I put on.
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