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  1. Phillips 77 SOLD! Thanks! Reduced prices on many globes.... http://www.lastgas15.com/galleries/forsale-gallery/
  2. Most of these globes have been in my collection for many years. I'm selling to free up space (and money) so I can get different globes. Priced from $275 and up. More pictures of these and others at http://www.lastgas15.com/galleries/forsale-gallery/
  3. I have several gas pump globes for sale, from entry level globes to picture globes for the advanced collector. For details, visit: http://www.lastgas15.com/galleries/forsale-gallery/ Here's a sampling:
  4. I didn't think I'd ever part with the globes listed above and the ones I'm about to list. I'm out of room and I have several more globes due to arrive soon. So these globes need to find a new home soon. Incredibly rare Pan Am 1 piece gas pump globe. Dates from 1925-1930. There are only one or possibly two of these globes known! Back side has more wear. Yellow and green paint should be able to be removed. This globe "books" for $2500 on the 2016 Gas Globe CD guide. This is the globe pictured on the CD. I'm asking $2050 + shipping. Pan Am was a Standard Oil Company (Ind) affiliate that was located in New Orleans. Standard Oil Company (Ind) White Crown. excellent condition. SOLD 15" Rocor lens from Richfield. Richfield was from California. Single lens only. $225 + shipping. Additional pictures can be seen at: http://www.lastgas15.com/galleries/forsale-gallery/
  5. Crown Silver gas pump globe. SOLD, THANKS! Zephyr gas pump globe. NOS lenses. Body has minor damage. SOLD! Gulf 1pc gas pump globe. Has base chip that's covered by the collar. Sale Pending. See these and more in the For Sale Gallery on my website. Click on the picture of the globe lenses to see more.... http://www.lastgas15.com/galleries/forsale-gallery/
  6. Next up are a pair of NOS Dixie Ethyl lenses. They measure 13 1/4" and they're for use on a Gill body. These lenses were used by Dixie Distributors and date from the 1930's or 40's. One lens still has the protective cellophane around the edge. The other lens has a small flake off the surface. The Gill ring will partially cover it. There's no paint (actually frit) loss as the flake is on the outside surface. These lenses look great lit up. SOLD! More pix can be viewed at http://www.lastgas15.com/galleries/forsale-gallery/
  7. First up is a pair of Rota-Zol Blend lenses. They measure 13 1/4" and they're for use on a Gill body. These lenses were used by Southern Oil Of NY which was headquartered in Horseheads, NY. Rota-Zol Blend was their Benzol premium grade of fuel. These lenses date from the 1930's to about 1942. SOLD!
  8. Price drop! Imperial No Lead $275 + shipping. Pioneer High $175 + shipping. More pics at http://www.lastgas15.com/galleries/forsale-gallery/
  9. Thought I had this sold but shipping logistics spoiled the deal. Still available. $600 cash or trade for???? http://www.lastgas15.com/galleries/forsale-gallery/