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  1. I am in the UK be nice be there but not this year unfortunately
  2. Ed I have just sent in an application Thank you Stewart
  3. The price is about right providing its all there and in good condition but can't see a restored one making 45k as this model is the least sought after Morgan
  4. Would like an original tether race car from the nineteen thirties to the fifties if anyone has one to sell at a reasonable price.
  5. Very few original XKSS Jaguars ever come up for sale and when they do they are priced accordingly and the wonderful copies that were produced by Lynx also command high prices and are rarely available . The only other replica/continuation/copy or whatever they are called that I personally would consider purchasing is one of the cars produced by Tempero from New Zealand who produce handsome re-creations. Although its expensive at 265 K$ . It is the one to purchase if you want to own a replica at the very top end of the market. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/jaguar/xk-ss/2069924.html
  6. Had a few how shall I say " Surprises " whilst going hell for leather . Drove for one year a 3.5 Litre Derby to work and the following year a LG45 special that weighed almost nothing and used to go for it and its great fun.
  7. Thanks Terry , not keen on Allards , or the early XK's from the fifties as I cannot fit into the tiny cockpit of the Jags There are a lot of European cars capable of sustaining 80 mph in the thirties
  8. Looking to purchase a mid thirties onwards probably 6 cylinder sports/ racing car that is capable of keeping up with modern traffic and should be capable of 80 mph +. with a cut off date 1959. Prefer a running car but will definitely consider a non runner or project also.
  9. Yes you are correct. Just keep away from the small engined prewar odd ball over stressed cars and you will be ok. I have had three approaches in the last few months but unless I can find something with a large engine to replace am not selling
  10. If you havent already done so. Source and fit a prewar Alvis gearbox. Also look at opening out the outlet manifold with a decent exhaust sytem and fitting larger SU carbs after having the head gass flowed. It makes a huge difference. You also can go for a steel crank and rods and then probably have a cowl fitted to vent the front brakes. We campaigned one for years and had a lot of fun and it couldnt half go.
  11. Wanted a V 12 engine , anything considered. Thank you.