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  1. i have a freind in the north island who is doing up a 26 buick what is this for my 25 dose not have one looks like some sort of oil filter thanks tony
  2. hi so Are you changeing to 12 volt to make the electronic ignition´╗┐ work when i did my car up i fitted a hq holden disburter to it just a little lathe work kept the points cap etc cheap for replacement parts
  3. hi all the small 25 do go well and they dont seem to break down very often which is good i new someone who had a 1928 and a 25 and he thought the 25 was better car to drive and gave less problems put the top down fill the tank enjoy it we can do about 200 miles on a tank and by then i have had enough for the day heavey steering and watch the breaks in the wet
  4. well done now go for a 100 mile drive run it in change oil then try and wear it out
  5. hi what year is the ford mount needing a mount for a another projet thanks
  6. hi the scoll ends look smart i dont mind copies on these sort of items as it will be stronger and wont break the hard part would be finding a good patteren its got scrolls on the round cap as well i had all my door handles re cast dont have to worry about them breaking
  7. Report post x #9 Posted Friday at 11:39 PM Thread and ID is obviously critical. On ebay I was lucky to find this pot metal survivor, and it survived the replating process too. Installed on my 27-25 and even though it's for 1925, I think it still looks appropriate. hi all i like this and its for my year(
  8. Yea marks on flywheel are very hard to see if you have trouble ill try and take a picture when i finsh work thanks
  9. First is is exhaust there should be some timing marks on the flywheel which line up with marks on the left side of engine and you can then use a timing light from memory there are a 100 teeth so every tooth is 3.6 dregs if you want to advance it i don't advance mine to much
  10. Is the clutch working between the starter and water pump it should only work one way when engine running it drives genset when cranking it slips as you can't turn motor from starter motor and from front grears
  11. Hi you will need to run a elect fuel pump as well I did it to my 25x25 it works real well starts good going up hills just put your foot down and go better miles to the dollar just works so well would never go back
  12. My understanding is that the 4 clynder engines had a aluminum gear fitted this is what I have on my car so you may be able to find one you will never break it tony
  13. hi all never seen bumper brackets like that before they dont look strong enough ether my understanding was that bumpers were sold by other companys as buick didnt supply them all the bumper brackets i have seen bolted on top of the front apron and clamped around the chassie irons quite a big casting which the bumper clamped to
  14. hi Hugh and all sorry for the delay busy at work but I dug out a spare coupling and measured it hope you can make sense of it if you need more info let me know as I can find it easily now thanks tony
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