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  1. I met Tim Allen today. He's a nice guy and likes to talk about the car company. He has some literature but no car parts. Hopefully I'll get to see some of the literature soon. His grandfather died in 1933. If any place would have the car it would be the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn.
  2. The factory I was told was on Grand St. in Kingston and is still standing. One of Allen's decendants (Tim Allen) still lives in Kingston. I know someone that knows him and hopefully I'll be getting some information soon. I'm curious myself.
  3. OK. Thanks. I don't have that information yet but I will have to get back to you.
  4. I have a chance to acquire a complete Chrysler 4 cylinder chassis. Also included is a Chrysler touring body for it. I was told it was a '26 but I am not sure. What do I need to look at to correctly identify it? Attached is a not a very good photo of the engine number if that helps.
  5. It looks like a 1924-25 model as the trunk is incorporated into the body. Parts to this car are easily obtainable used as well as new. Wood kits for that car are also available but expensive. Correct pattern interiors are also available. Restored they're worth an average of $8500. You'll sink more money into it than it's worth but they are a lot of fun to drive.
  6. A Model A crank handle looks like my 1925 Chevy crank handle except the Model A crank handle has a socket on the end for the lug nuts. The Chevy doesn't.
  7. I might have your crank handle. You can email me at rwwmds@hvc.rr.com
  8. I picked up these wrenches in a recent auction. I have no idea what they fit. I know one belongs to a Willys-Knight. $15 apiece plus $7 shipping. Call 845-338-7871 or email: rwwmds@hvc.rr.com.
  9. I'm not telling anyone to follow my example. Sometimes my vehicles don't get inspected on time due to mechanical problems where they don't get to the station on time to get inspected. Some don't make it down for several months or even years such as my Model A. But I keep the Registration current so I don't have a problem with the DMV. So far I haven't had any problems.
  10. I know Ted but they haven't asked for the inspection numbers on the renewal forms in quite some time.
  11. Aubunseeker, I've been renewing by mail and several years ago they stopped asking for the inspection number on the form. As you can see in the photo I get the registration every year. I do this for 3 cars. Maybe the computer hasn't caught up to me yet.
  12. I haven't been challenged as of yet for lack of inspection. Although if I hit a registration checkpoint it may be a different story. Also they don't ask for the inspection number on the registration anymore so registration is easy. When I went to get my '35 Plymouth inspected they refuse to pass it because the vacuum wiper didn't work. This car will never see rain and a replacement is scarce so what's the point. I'll explain it to the cop if I get stopped. And the Model T? Check the brakes? Oh, you mean brake.. I do get my more modern vehicle (1949) inspected.
  13. I'm selling for a friend a 1926 Essex 6 cylinder aluminum bodied four door sedan. Frame, wheels, roof, and fenders have been restored. The body has the original paint and mohair interior. The engine starts and runs well. Headlight lenses, taillight, and motometer are all Essex marked. The wiper motor is there but not hooked up. It appears that the car had a period radio installed either by the factory or by a dealer. The control heads are missing but the radio unit is there. The asking price is $8900 or best offer. The car is located in Red Hook near Rhinebeck, NY. Email rwwmds@hvc.rr.com or c
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