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  1. 1933 Willys Trunk lid $850.00 plus boxing and shipping if needed. n indiana This one need a some work but is 98% rust free .some dents nothing real big .This is a real 33 Willys coupe trunk lid. no wood or latch 1933 Willys"coupe" Trunk lid super nice shape .no wood 1200.00 obo 1933 Willys "Roadster" Rumble seat Trunk lid soild shape .no wood 1200.00 obo 1933 Willys "Sport Coupe" Trunk lid soild shape .no wood 1000.00 obo 1933-36 Willys 426 hemi headers shown in this picture for fit .350.00 1933 Willys seashell wheels .one year only $800.00 set of 4 1933 Willys model 77 pass side door is supe
  2. adde picture here for the non facebook people
  3. Opel GT Funny car body. Poorly stored but still save able. $750.00 obo Northern Indiana ."Dream keeper" was the name last run under. pictures and vid here https://www.facebook.com/groups/658054920903575/
  4. My name is Kevin Masters .My Dad Bob Masters has collected 1933-36 Willys cars and parts since 1958 .Dad put the 1933 Willys "the malco gasser" back together .Then sold it back to Ohio George needing only to be detailed. I owned the Virg Vates 1933 willys Gasser . my dad has Alzheimer's .he has spent the last few years taking cars apart that did not need to be taking apart .so i have to go thought tons of parts to make sure i keep enuff stuff for my cars before i let anything go and short myself. location Northen Indiana facebook page i am placing parts on https://www.facebook.com/groups/6580
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