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  1. What is the absolute most you will pay and when for a Black Cabriolet? I know where there are several Convertible Coupes. What other requirements and or deal-breakers do you have?
  2. Cords were available in standard colors and any color desired by the customer.
  3. You could always buy a great 68-B Cabriolet to enjoy until you find the elusive 68-C.
  4. You can always find a silhouette of a car you like and have a metal fab shop burn one out on a cut out table. Then you would have something unique. Just my 2 cents, Andy
  5. Call Hydro-E-Lectric (800) 343-4261 they can build you a whole top system. http://www.hydroe.com/
  6. Would look good on a speedster be it an automobile or a boat.
  7. It was common in the late teens and twenties to repaint a brass ear car, brass and all. It was just an old used car.
  8. Would make a great reproduction dealership service car.
  9. Coker Tire Company is now making wood wheels of all types.
  10. My guess is a cross country tour. The block and tackle is to pull yourself out in the event you get stuck. But in those days it was not if but when you became stuck. They planned on driving at night as well by the looks of the Prest-o-lite tank on the frame. It appears to only have one seat as well. Going cross country alone in 1912 would have been a big deal.
  11. I thought that the Little did not sell well. That was why it was renamed as a Chevrolet? In any case it is a sporty little roadster, no pun intended.
  12. The Little was a General Motors product. It was named after a GM board member. However it did not sell very well. So it was renamed after a winning race driver of the period Mr. Louis Chevrolet, and branded with a Bowtie pattern from hotel wallpaper. The rest they say is history.
  13. Welcome! The Auburn meet is a great meet. Be sure to visit all the great museums while in Auburn. If you can make the time in October don't forget about Hershey.
  14. I have once saw a plaque attached to the rear of a circa 1908 Lozier that stated "WARNING TO POLICE. This automobile is equip with a JONES SPEEDOMETER. The driver knows how fast he is traveling."
  15. 1937 Packard 1501 Super Eight Coupe Roadster. 2014 CCCA 1st place Winner. Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 www.petersmotorcars.com
  16. The car on the left has the look of a Cadillac Model 30 touring. The car on the right looks a lot like a large Oldsmobile.
  17. Looks like an early Buick Model F or R.E.O. engine converted to Stationary Farm Use
  18. How about a 1947 Chrysler Town & Country? www.petersmotorcars.com or http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/?dealer_id=625 Be sure to watch the great videos of our cars running and driving! 419-668-1884
  19. They are currently advertised, I do not know this fellow, I just have seen this ad: Up for sale is a pair of brand new hand crafted in the USA 1911 Cadillac fenders. These fenders are exact reproductions of the originals. They were duplicated off a original set of 1911 fenders by John Mazza of "Rare Tin" using the same methods used by the original craftsman. These fenders are brand new and ready to install. This is the third set of 1911 caddillac fenders that have been reproduced by John, the other two sets are installed on cars already. These are for local pickup in Farmingdale NY or please contact us for further shipping options. I am listing these for my friend John Mazza, if you have any further technical questions on these or need other body parts of other year, make or model duplicated please call him at 1-516-528-0461.
  20. Hello, from time to time a reproduction set of either 1911 or 1912 Cadillac front fenders pops up on ebay.
  21. That is a very nice offer. It is amazing how excited kids both big and little get when you let them sit in an old car. We often forget how cool it is to sit in our cars because we do it so often.
  22. Hello, You have some very nice paper. Do you happen to have any 1911 Buick or 1911 Cadillac Literature? Thank you, Andy
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