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  1. Where would the relay be located?
  2. Isn't there a way to just bypass the VATS?
  3. There is no security system and when it first did this i locked it and walked home like 3 blocks and unlocked it whe I towed it home
  4. I've tried it in every gear and tried wiggling the shifter but i still get nothing
  5. I know it's not a reatta but mechanically the same car as my pa and you guys have always been super helpful. I have a 91 Park Ave base 3.8 it just died the other day it won't do anything when I hit the key. I have had the VATS key tested by the dealer and have tested the started it will turn the car over when jumped across the posts. Where do I look next relay? (Where might it be located?) ignition switch? Help I'm at a loss?!
  6. Alright so here it is beginning to end . I bought the car in early march as a non runner for a couple hundred bucks had no spark most of the results I found online lead me to believe it was something simple ie CPS ICM ect. Got it home and the first check was to change the CPS when I pulled the HB I found it was broke so I replaced it it started ran I shut it off then no start I pulled the icm and had it tested and it was bad so I replaced it and it started and ran a few then died and wouldn't restart so I discovered that of I messed with the wiring to the CPS or would start. So I pulled and replaced the harness to the ICM CPS and cam sensor it was destroyed. Now the car would start and run so I started driving it put almost a tank of gas thru it then it left my wife stranded 40 miles from home. It acted like and threw the code for a TPS so I replaced it. The. I'd try and drive it I'd get about 30 min or 30 miles and it would shut down. Seemed like it would only do it when hot and low on fuel. So I assumed a fuel pump so I replaced it too. Suggestions on here said a MAF under inspection mine was crack so I replaced it and drove it same symptoms. But I noticed that the speedo would zero and the cooling fans would go wonky and the relay would click. So I after replacing everything else I started looking toward the ECM. A tap test confirmed I replaced the ECM and life has need. Good since. Hope my pain helps someone in the future. Thanks for all the help. I also replaced the cooling fan relay and the coolant sensor.
  7. so I have made 2 trips to town in the pa (now named gertrude) got a total of 100 miles on the ticker and she hasn't missed a lick.
  8. So I figured it out 15 amp fuse in the relay center now just gotta chase down why my heat control work intermittenly and fix my ac compressor. Log 40 miles on her tonight without issue. Fingers crossed. Again thanks for all the help I do greatly appriciate it.
  9. Everything is reconnected. It's weird cuz it was working fine and the next time I started it it wasn't charging
  10. Nope correct teal one new off the shelf
  11. Two final questions. First is there charging fuse or relay for some reason my alternator isn't charging my battery even though the alternator tests good and the battery tests good. second would the alternator not charging cause the transmission not to shift the new ECM is installed what do guys think
  12. it wasn't my fault the ecm that showed was wrong my dad ordered the right one the idiots at rock auto sent the wrong one for the application listed.
  13. You sir are correct didn't know what it went to but a quick interweb search yielded that this is a 77-8253 a1 reman I need a 77-1470 a1 reman guess I'll get in touch with rock auto tomorrow
  14. That doesn't explain why it starts and runs fine with the old ECM except the problems listed above but won't even start with the new ECM
  15. I got it online new from rock auto only numbers on it are 8235 the only differences I noticed is mine had a green plug and this one has an orange one