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  1. Much appreciated! I've found that a few parts from the Renault 5 such as the head gasket and the oil pan seals can be made to work in this engine, so at the moment I've yet to be completely stuck for parts, although i've yet to start on the body... I'll look into the possibilities of getting parts from Australia, there are a few French parts stores that list many of the original car parts online, but I was unable to make them work with a foreign card:(
  2. huh, I wondered why no US forums had much info..... I've already pm'd the admin of the UK Renault forums, and am waiting for a reply.
  3. Thanks for the links, I had found the juva homepage, but google translate never works too well for me, the words get translated but the composition is different......... Nevertheless, I an in the process of observing all pictures and trying to make sense of google translate on that website at the moment. Is there really no stateside-based blogs or restoration logs? I tried to find info on it via google but there really wasn't much in english. thanks.
  4. Hi, I recently found a good deal on a renault juva, a '57 dauphinoise to be specific, in "fixer-upper" condition. Can anyone point me in the direction of threads/topics/posts/blogs/etc about restoring this or similar models of juvas? In terms of general restoration, i'm familiar with the specifics of paint removal, patching rusted out spots, etc etc, but the car has a few quirks(like the lack of a real chassis) that I would love to see how others worked with or around. Thanks!
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