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  1. Yes I think that is the shop number. My cell phone is 510-388-7739 Can call after 6 most days, I am in California. Would be happy to talk to you about the parts I have let over. Jason
  2. Some of you have contacted me before about the parts I have for sale, here: Here is a link to the pictures: https://plus.google.com/photos/102117671315233891945/albums/5988527321100969297 I still have a lot of these parts remaining. I have sold, generator, starter, trans, and wheels. Other than that I have everything else pictured. I would like to let them go ASAP. I am at this time still NOT selling any parts for the interior, gauges, steering etc. Brake parts on this car are brand new! At the same time I am trying to collect a couple parts that I need to put this
  3. Hot rod forum it is. I can understand why a antique car purist would be a little put off by hot rodding an all original 1930's car. Thanks for all the previous help.
  4. Yes maybe i am being optimistic. I would love to be able to stick the nail head in it and run everything else Studebaker. Hell would love to build the st8 6 engine that came in the car but I would like more than 30HP. the 9inch is what i was thinking about. And good thoughts about adapting the later Studebaker brakes to this axle.
  5. I guess when I say "swap over" I am asking more about converting the original Studebaker brakes to juice. The car is going to run a Buick nailhead motor and 350 trans, so it needs to stop. If there were some way to swap the ford juice brakes onto the original axles than it would better. I would love to keep as many Studebaker parts as possible. In reality I am going to chop up the frame or build a new one to channel the body over, not sure which right now. I just am not sure about bolt patterns etc on the ford juice brakes and if they will match the Studebaker stuff. Any thoughts?
  6. Was wondering. I have a 32 studebaker that I want to convert to juice brakes as well. I think the easiest way would be to swap over all the components to ford. Meaning front end, rear end and then add the juice brake parts. Any thoughts on this. Building a studebaker hot rod is not a top search on google. Going to have to think about this project a lot.
  7. So no robe rail that I can find now, does not seem to have a rear shade and all inside handles are staying with the project. If I come across some of these parts in the future I will let you know. Jason
  8. Thats really weird. They were not even posted as a link but inserted. Will try here again.
  9. Here are pictures of starter, generator and water pump. Generator does not have a part number or tag. [ATTACH=CONFIG]240045[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]240046[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]240047[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]240048[/ATTACH]
  10. I presume from the ID tag mine is a 54. Sold the wheels today, thanks Allen. Have the rest left. Now adding front and rear axles nd they have brand new brakes.
  11. Here are the pictures of the body and frame i picked up today. I am still working on the parts request.
  12. When i grab the body this weekend I will look for the rear window shade and decide if i am going to keep it. Also I think the only ignition coil I have looks like a modern 12volt but will keep my eyes peeled. Would love to get rid of the motor as a lot. hate to break it up.
  13. Shares the same bumbers and grill shell as this http://www.fastlanecars.com/classic-cars/car-for-sale.aspx?c=af07fff4-de25-4611-85f5-7910f4ec3f0e
  14. Am picking up the body and frame next weekend. I will post back but it is a four door model and pretty sure it is not a Rockne. Guy says it is a 54 Six.
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