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  1. Hello all, how much material are you supposed to cut off of the headliner at the end of the headliner bars? Thanks in advance. Vintagecarguy.
  2. Hubert_25-25 and hchris, thank you both very much. I greatly appreciate it.
  3. Larry Schramm, thank you very much. I greatly appreciate it.
  4. Hello all, my grandfather and I are looking at a 1928 Buick 115 series sedan and I was just wondering about the spark control. I know that at sometime in the late 1920s you retarded the spark for starting and then advance it when you went to drive - or once it was running - as there was a mechanical advance on the distributor. Is this the correct procedure for this car? Please let me know. Thanks in advance. Vintagecarguy.
  5. Hello all, what would a car like this be worth? I found the car on craigslist recently and my grandfather and I are going to take a look. I did find that the 80 series never had a phaeton which led me to this discussion. If this was a sedan and is now an open car, how would one go about guessing a value? Is it one of those situations where it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay? It is a pretty interesting car even if it is not strictly original. Thanks in advance. Vintagecarguy.
  6. Hello all, my dad and I were wondering how far the brake pedal should travel before it 'catches.' Before we did anything with the brakes the pedal caught high and was firm, now it is still firm, but it catches pretty low, even lower when it is gear. The car stops okay, but it seems to need a lot of effort, especially when totally stopped. Also it seems to release too easily. The Corvair has been to a mechanic who found a leak and fixed it and then rebled the brakes. The car has a single master cylinder and drums all the way around. Any help and opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Vintagecarguy.
  7. So, we ordered new retainer rings and tail light sockets. But we were having an issue where the passenger side would turn on with the wrong filament so we switched the wires and that has solved the brake lights for the most part. The trouble now is that the turn signal circuit for the passenger side comes on, meaning when the brakes are on, the right front parking light/turn signal light is on. Does this have to do with the signal switch adjustment? We have tried to adjust it so that this doesn't happen, but then we do not get a right brake light. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Vintagecarguy.
  8. Frank DuVal, thank you again. My Dad cleaned the other housing but it seems that the bulb is loose in the socket. We're going to order some new sockets and see if that helps. Also, the turn signal switch needs to be adjusted again because when the brakes are on, both the turn signal goes on front and back on the passenger side. But first the car needs its wheel cylinders and shoes replaced; we found one leaking. Thank you again for all your help.
  9. Frank DuVal, thank you for the information and help. The switch is new. I did center it and now I have brake lights, but when the headlights are on the driverside goes out. However, the driverside my need to be cleaned as it is dim with the brake light and taillight. It just occured to me that we do have one low beam filament burned out. Would this cause any issue? Thank you again for your help!
  10. Well, now my dad and I have more confusion. I replaced the turn signal switch and now we have the brake light on the driver side... but not the passenger side. So, my dad cleaned the housing, and both the brake lights and taillights work. However, we are having an issue where, with the headlights and taillights on, one light goes out, completely, while the other gets brighter when you hit the brakes???? At present the turn signal switch is not hooked up to the lever because the cable is detached from the lever itself and the only way to get to it is by removing the steering wheel. Does anyone know where the switch should be located on its travel to work properly? It seemed that in different positions we got different combinations... at one point I had the turn signal indicator come on.... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Vintagecarguy.
  11. JACK M, thank you for the help. The turn signal system on my car is a little different than the one pictured above. The switch is under the dash attached to the steering column and is actuated by a cable. The lever still 'clicks' when moved so the cancelling device might be okay. Thank you again. Vintagecarguy.
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