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  1. I understand it would make moving it a hassle but when you get to the point of disabling the chassis I would be interested in the rear lower control arms.
  2. Looks good Eric. The 3M strip caulk is the way to go. You can get that at your local parts store for much less than OPG's price. Keep your fingers/palms a little moist with water while working with the strip caulk so it won't stick to your fingers and you can work it nicely to form a neat seal.
  3. Right decision Darren. You'll be happy with those results.
  4. The silver car is a fully bastardized non-restored heep. I don't even want to think about how much time and money it would take to get that car back to respectable. The list of undos is huge and I am sure it would grow once you laid eyes on it real-time. The black car is a much better piece at that price and can be made nicer.
  5. Contact Rubber The Right Way @ 866.789.7879. www.rubbertherightway.com In our experience they offer higher quality items than the "popular" repop seal/weatherstrip companies.