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  1. Anyone? Hopefully this isn't like asking for the front emblem for one of the cars...
  2. Looks like both of those have the decal for cars made after 1-1-70. The early decal doesn't have the vacuum hose routing. If only the engine displacement wasn't on the bottom of the sticker...
  3. the Vin also indicates the car as being a 455 car. Second and third digits are 64, which is lesabre custom 455. So...the car is what it should be. And the trans is a th400.
  4. I have the build sheet. It has the 455 on it. Also the engine matches the car. So no question as to it's originality. Also the car was a one owner with no accidents, and all the date coded parts I've found are correct to the car.
  5. Build date of October 69 makes the car 1970 model year. The 455 is original to the car. I'm curious as to what emmisions sticker should be on the car....did gm or Buick not have the decal ready, but since the 350-4 timing etc is the same, used that decal in place of the 455 decal? But since I can't find a 455 emmisions decal for a car built in 1969, without the stage 1 stuff, I don't know what decal to put on it.
  6. Anyone have a set? 69 should work also. The trim doesn't need to be perfect, just straight enough to install and look nice. Thanks
  7. I'm trying to figure out something with engine emmisions decals. My car was build 10-10-69. Has a 455. The decal on the fan shroud is for a 350-4 with auto trans. As far as I know nothing has been changed. So I've been looking at emmisions decals, just to replace the one on the car, and the only 455 decals I can find are for stage 1 cars built in 69, or a bigger decal with vacuum line routing for cars built in 1970. Anyone have an early 455 car with the original emmisions sticker? What decal is on your car? I know I could stick about whatever I wanted on there, but even tho I'm not really rest
  8. I had some liquid wrench dry lube. It helped. But didn't fix the problem. So I adjusted the rubber and that fixed it.
  9. Runner=rubber. Stupid thumbs on my phone. Any who...the glass sticks in the corners of the door seal. I have them glued like the org seal was, and there isn't anywhere else to glue. So I guess silicone spray it is.
  10. I installed soffseal weatherstripping on my 70 lesabre 2dr ht. Fit perfect. Installation was a breeze. I replaced the roof rail, quarter window, door seals, and that funky piece the quarter window goes down through. Anyway, everything fits like it should..doors close easily, way less noise etc. But when I roll up the door glass, the door seal runner kind of sticks to the glass, where the glass pass through. I know about silicon grease on door seals, but grease will smear on the glass. Is this something that will fix itself with time, or is there something I can do? Thanks
  11. thanks for looking! according to my build sheet, I should have RPO b32 front carpet savers and rpo b33 handy mats in the rear. then there is another RPO code, y54, which says carpet svrs&mats... I've always thought those full mats were pretty cool. would there have been a different color I could use, so i could get a full set? keep in mind the headliner seats door panels and steel trim around windows is a light color, closer to parchment. the only sandal is carpet and dash. and black seat belts...guess someone didn't check a box on the order seat.
  12. okay...color is Burnished Saddle. interior is Sandalwood, but the carpet and dash etc is a greenish tan color.
  13. thanks!when I get home this evening I'll double check paint and interior codes.
  14. well, the interior is sandal and off white. any thing similar would be a good look. the car is burnished bronze(I think, don't have the code in front of me) so even something darker than sandal would probably look nice
  15. I emailed legendary, and the sales rep said the A body mats would not fit, that they would be too small. I don't see an A body mat properly fitting. I'm new to b cars, but no gm, and A cars floors are noticeably more narrow. thanks for the info tho
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