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  1. I have in my possession, a front seat from a '36 Chevrolet business coupe. I acquired this seat as a possible spare for my '36 Buick business coupe. There were enough differences that the seat would not interchange. The springs and wood are in excellent condition. The upholstery is almost 80 years old and will need to be replaced. I am offering this seat for free to someone who can use it. You pay the shipping. A good option for shipping is Fastenal. They will put it on a truck at one Fastenal location and ship to a Fastenal store near you at a reasonable cost. Thanks for looking. Bill biznesscoupe@gmail.com
  2. I was with Joe (packick) last weekend and agree that it wasn't worth the trip except for the camaraderie and experience. 130 miles is long ride if you go solo. It was a nice day in Northwest Washington and being Valentines Day, I expect that a lot of wives and children were along for the ride. The first couple of hours was wall to wall people. As to the lack of old car parts; the supply of old parts is dwindling. Times have changed.
  3. A beautiful day in Northwest Washington. I took our '56 Special model 43 for a short 6 mile trip up to the local gas station to fill the tank and get the car limbered up. I also drove our '36 Special business coupe over to a friend's house about 5 miles away, then the long way around (another 7 miles) toward home. It was good to get behind the wheel after a lengthy restoration.
  4. My original post was searching for a gas tank to buy. I do have a tank that is in similar condition to the one posted above. It's out of a '36 Special coupe and if you are interested, I would be willing to sell it. I'll let you make an offer. Bill
  5. I have a behind-the-seat storage shelf from a '37 Pontiac business coupe in serviceable condition. If anyone can use it, I am giving it away for FREE. I'm cleaning out my shop and it must go. Note: I've recently heard about a shipping service that Fastenal, Inc. offers for large items. Take it to a Fastenal store ready to ship and they put it on their truck and deliver it to the Fastenal store nearest you. Check it out at fastenal.com Bill biznesscoupe@gmail.com
  6. Up for sale is a front seat from a '36 Chev coupe. Very solid wood frame. Good springs. 80 year old upholstery, but good for patterns. Asking $60. Thanks for looking. Bill biznesscoupe@gmail.com
  7. Nice batch of literature. I saw a similar flip chart years ago at a pre-war dinner we attended. The chart there was from 1941 showing the Fireball engine. It was named for the new configuration of the combustion chamber. Interesting piece.
  8. I drove our '56 Model 43 a few miles on Saturday just to get the juices flowing. I was planning to take the '36 business coupe for a spin, but it was a quart low on oil and I didn't have any on hand. I picked up a couple of quarts on the way home from church and was able to get the car out for a short drive. This time of the year here in the Pacific Northwest, I take the car out most every time there is a nice day.
  9. Looking for a 4 barrel manifold for a '56 Buick 322 engine. Please respond to my e-mail with photos and price. biznesscoupe@gmail.com Thank you in advance. Bill
  10. On Saturday September 13, we took our '36 Special model 46 to the Arlington (WA) Drag Strip Reunion and car show. A distance of about 35 miles from home. Over the course of the day the battery went dead due to the contacts in the generator cut-out relay being stuck. AAA was called to ferry the car home. This past Saturday, we took our '56 Special model 43 on a 125 mile round trip to the town of Darrington, WA past the town of Oso which was hit by a deadly landslide earlier this year. The area is remote and was hit hard economically after the slide. Our goal as a car club (Port Gardner vintage Auto Club) was to show our support and spend some money at local businesses. It was an enjoyable day for all.
  11. I'm looking for a source for bumper bolts for my '36 Buick. The bolts have an oval or football shaped head and 7/16" threads. I've tried the usual outlets; Bob's, CARS, and a couple of Chevy parts houses with no success. Any suggestions are appreciated. Bill biznesscoupe@gmail.com
  12. I'm not familiar with the forum breakfast. When is that held?
  13. I drove my '36 Model 46 1.7 miles today. Doesn't sound like much but the car is in the process of being restored. I think the generator is cranking out too much voltage and cooking the liquid out of the battery. Look for it at the BCA Nationals in Portland, Oregon July 23-26.
  14. We took our '56 43R on a 260 mile round trip with our "other" car club. Aside from an exhaust manifold leak, the car ran well. On another note, with help from a mechanic friend of mine, I started our '36 model 46 for the first time in over 16 years. Nothing like the sweet sound of the old straight 8. The '36 won't be totally finished in time for the Nationals, but it will be there.
  15. I need the trunk lock cylinder for my '36 Buick Special business coupe. I have misplaced mine and need it to finish installing the handle. Thanks in advance. Bill
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